Monday, September 23, 2019

Is The Narrative On Trump - Ukraine - Biden Scandal About To Change?

Zero Hedge: Democrats Panic Over Biden-Ukraine Scandal As MSM Hits Full Spin Cycle

As Joe Biden plummets in the popularity, Democratic lawmakers and the MSM have gone into panic mode after a whistleblower report of political malfeasance during a July phone call between President Trump and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky about the Biden family's dealings turned out to be fake news.

Since the initial report, the Trump-Zelensky call has been downgraded to remove implications of a quid pro quo - and attention is now turning to what the Bidens actually did.

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WNU Editor: The truth will always come out.


Mike Feldhake said...

It really pisses me off that this Biden story is not getting any traction from he Justice dept. It is an old story and smell rotten to me.

Roger Smith said...

Agree, Mike. It's an old story with a new set of feathers whose NYT, etc. glue isn't working. For me, the old media will never recover from their behavior of the last few years.
Where is the learning process of these newspapers and the news on TV? It's a wonder they still have a typing finger left having hit them with hammers for so long.


Anonymous said...

Guilani just dropped a stink bomb on Biden. More and more it looks like the new Ukrainian President and Trump are cleaning house. It won't stop with Biden, Ukraine is notorious for public corruption. Where the Biden's traveled, others in the Obama Administration were sure to go once the opportunity was presented.

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