Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Military And Intelligence News Briefs -- September 17, 2019

ABC News Online: US President Donald Trump says Iran likely behind Saudi oil plant attacks, but softens tone on military response

One day after saying the US was "locked and loaded" to retaliate against those responsible for the weekend's attacks on Saudi Arabian oil plants, US President Donald Trump now says he is in "no rush" to take action.

Details of the Saturday strikes on Abqaiq — the world's largest oil processing facility — and the Khurais oil field in eastern Saudi Arabia remained unclear, but left crude oil output by the world's top exporter slashed in half.

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Military And Intelligence News Briefs -- September 17, 2019

Saudi oil attacks: Drones and missiles launched from Iran - US -- BBC

Trump: It looks like Iran hit Saudis, no military option yet -- Military Times/AP

Pentagon chief briefs Trump as administration weighs Iran response -- The Hill

Trump says he wants to avoid war with Iran -- The Hill

US will 'defend' international order being 'undermined by Iran': Pentagon chief -- AFP

NATO chief 'extremely concerned' after attacks on Saudi -- AFP

Pence says US is 'locked and loaded' to defend allies -- The Hill

Saudi attacks underscore evolving drone threat, experts say -- AFP

Northrup Grumman wins $42.8M contract to fix B-2 wing panels -- UPI

Cargo lock problem keeps Air Force's KC-46 tankers grounded -- UPI

Northrop Grumman selects subcontractors for new ICBM missile system -- UPI

The Pentagon taps Microsoft and Ball to pilot new military satellites -- Quartz

A US missile destroyer made ‘historic’ visit to Beirut as regional tensions mount -- Military Times

U.S. Army Tries New Recruiting Tactics After Missing Targets -- WSJ

Pentagon IDs soldier killed in Afghanistan -- The Hill

'Extraordinarily Dangerous': Former CIA Moscow station chief blasts leaks on Russian informant -- Washington Examiner

The Secret History of Fort Detrick, the CIA’s Base for Mind Control Experiments -- Politico

The Intelligence Community is Exploring Long-Range Biometric Identification -- NextGov

The Military Has Done Little to Prepare As Climate Change Threatens Guantánamo -- The Intercept

Edward Snowden says the government is in your phone, insists he only wanted to 'reform' the NSA -- NBC

Edward Snowden: Germany a 'primary example' of NSA surveillance cooperation -- DW

EU creates directorate for European defense industry -- UPI

Canadian police official accused of attempting to share classified information with 'people he shouldn't be' -- ABC News Online

It’s Time for NATO to Engage in the Arctic -- Defense One

Russia Finds Aircraft to Succeed 5th Gen Su-57 Stealth Fighter -- Sputnik

China to deploy Sharp Sword stealth drone for new aircraft carrier -- SCMP

China readies for massive display of new weaponry, with 'supersonic spy drone' spotted in Beijing parade rehearsal -- ABC News Online

India's Spy Planes Detect Seven Chinese Warships Near Indian Waters - Report -- Sputnik

Israel Delivers Bunker Buster Version of Spice 2000 Bombs to India Amid Tension With Pakistan -- Sputnik

Two companies to square off for Australia’s $10 billion infantry fighting vehicle program -- Defense News


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Iran Owns the Persian Gulf Now
The Trump administration’s nonresponse to Iranian aggression has sent an unmistakable message.

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Anonymous said...

Sanctions are continuous action from the day they begin until the day they end.

Think of tensors.