Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Pentagon Orders Sudden Deployment Drill Of Its Sealift Ships

The RORO cargo ship M/V Cape Isabel arrives in San Diego during a Turbo Activation exercise in 2017. USAF

Warzone/The Drive: Pentagon Orders Sudden Deployment Drill Of Unprecedented Size For Its Sealift Ships

Dozens of reserve logistics ships are getting ready to sail amid concerns about the readiness of these vital support fleets during a major conflict.

U.S. Transportation Command, in cooperation with the U.S. Navy's Military Sealift Command and the Department of Transportation's Maritime Administration, kicked off a massive snap sealift exercise yesterday across the United States. It involves an unprecedented 28 ships from the Ready Reserve Force, a fleet of support ships with merchant marine crews that would be vital during any large scale conflict, but which has experienced serious readiness problems in recent years leading to concerns that they would be unable to support a sustained conflict abroad.

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WNU Editor:In any major conflict these ships will be vital.


Anonymous said...

I hope Trump won't go for war and that this is just signaling. most importantly any evidence brought forward against Iran must be verified. And any kinetic action should come from Saudi Arabia. It's their homeland! And they attacked the US in 2001...Come on

Anonymous said...


All my life these ships sit in sheltered bays and rust and corrode.

Now this.

Well the US looks like a house divided with Captain Nads leading his Don Quixote crusade, so why not push the US and see what you can get.

Thanks Nads you worthless fuck.

Fusion said...

US does this 4 times a year, relax.

B.Poster said...

"US does this 4 times a year, relax." While I don't know exactly how many times a year our military does this type of drill, it is generally considered a good idea to always be practicing and updating. For example as a Certified Public Accountant I must take continuing education every year to stay up to date and to stay sharp. This is going to be the same with any military. We do not get up tight every time North Korea, China, Russia, or other countries engage in massive military drills. I'd tend to agree. Relax.

With that said as a Canadian this is easy for you to relax. The heads of your loved ones are not on the chopping block should this go wrong. My leaders (Americans) screw up and it is the heads of my loved ones who are no the chopping block.

In the current context of a military conflict with Iran we should be under no delusions. This will be very difficult, millions and likely 10s of millions of Americans are going to die, and victory is far from certain. Fortunately I think president Trump is smart enough to not walk into the trap the Iranians appear to be trying to set. As for other US leaders, I can only hope and pray they are as prudent as he is. At this time, I am grateful that we have someone like him as POTUS.

For now we need to relax as you say. There appears to be nothing unusual about a drill like this and, in fact, it would be more concerning if they did not conduct this drill.

Fusion said...

Agreed. Except for the millions of America’s that would die. What about the millions of Iranians?

B.Poster said...

To make a long answer short, if they leave the US no choice the millions would be on the heads of the Iranian government who manipulated them into the war. I hope and pray we can avoid war. Fortunately I don't think Trump us going to give them the war they so desperately want and the Russian and Chjbese leadership leadership respect abs even fear Trump so they aren't going to allow Iran to push it that far.

In the event of war, Iran will have the backing of Russia and China. The US lacks such major power backing. Most if it's allies (at least the governments) are a collection of grifters, users, abusers, and parasites. Such people say our strength and I'd expect nothing from them in a time of need. As such, millions of dead Iranians is going to be much less likely than millions of dead Americans.