Sunday, September 22, 2019

Seventy Thousand Indian Americans Attend Trump-Modi Rally In Houston

Reuters: 'Howdy, Modi!' - Thousands, plus Trump, rally in Texas for India's leader

HOUSTON (Reuters) - U.S. President Donald Trump and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi shared a stage and showered each other with praise on Sunday at a “Howdy, Modi!” rally attended by upward of 50,000 people, a rare mass showing for a foreign leader on American soil.

Trump, calling the gathering a “profoundly historic event,” was greeted with a standing ovation by the Indian-American crowd and his speech was interrupted several times by roars of approval.

The U.S. leader hailed the India-U.S. relationship and the Indian-American community as he reached out to an ethnic group that voted overwhelmingly against him in 2016.

“You uphold our values, you uplift our communities and you are truly proud to be American and we are truly proud to have you as Americans,” Trump the crowd.

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Update #1: 'Howdy Modi': thousands of Indian Americans attend Trump rally (The Guardian/AP)
Update #2: "Howdy Modi" Event In Houston: Trump And Indian PM Modi Celebrate U.S.-India Alliance (RCP)
Update #3: At a rally like no other, Trump woos Indian American voters ahead of 2020 (Politico)

WNU Editor: These images are not going to be shown on the main stream media tonight (see below)

Update #4: I think the estimate of 50,000 is wrong. The stadium's seating capacity is 72,000 (see here), and it does not include the grounds. From what I am seeing, that placed is completely packed, grounds included. There are 70,000 people there if not more.

Update #5: It should put an end to the narrative, but it will not.


Anonymous said...

Democrats politicians are in trouble.

Anonymous said...

Jesus, did you see that stadium size? ALL democrats together, incl. former presidents like Obama, would not get that kind of size. Unbelievable.

But noooooo, Trump is a NAZI!!!! And if you like him, you are a BROWN SHIRT!"

remember all of this? for TWO YEARS they did this. 2 years. 24/7 day in day out, PARROTS like our Fred, screaming at us "dog whistle", "fascist", "sexist", ALL WHILE THEY DO THEIR OWN THING

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Jossie Smollet - friends of Don Lemon - of course - and aspiring race war instigator. Remember him? He too put a noose around his neck. He will get a job at CNN in no time, after he can't find an acting job any more. On CNN you just act to be a reporter, you don't actually have to do homework or have a conscience.. just virtue signal while playing the race card.. he will fit right in.

I throw up just thinking about Fred's life and what he must have done to be such a virtue signaller. But we can all guess ;)

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