Monday, September 23, 2019

The Pentagon Is Using China As The 'Threat' In Their War Games

US Navy sailors take part in a drill during a joint exercise with Asean members in the Gulf of Thailand at the start of the month. Photo: AFP/US Navy

SCMP: Growing rivalry between China and US plays out in military war games

* While the PLA focuses on ‘countering American capabilities’, the Pentagon is increasingly using the China threat in its drills

As the People’s Liberation Army focuses on countering the US, the Pentagon has increasingly used China – labelled by Washington as a strategic rival and military threat – as the adversary in its war games.

The latest was a huge sealift exercise off Virginia this week, with 28 vessels put to the test carrying the US Army and Marine Corps and their equipment to a major conflict overseas – possibly against China or Russia.

Meanwhile, US and Japanese troops carried out a joint drill this week using land-to-ship missiles to attack an enemy ship at Kumamoto, in Kyushu, reportedly “keeping in mind China’s increasing maritime activities”, according to local media.

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Update: US Military Starting To Use China As 'Bad Guys' During War Games (Zero Hedge)

WNU Editor: It is only fitting since the Chinese have been using for a long time the U.S. as the "bad guys" in their war games.


Anonymous said...

Oh noooooo...Vladimir will not be happy. He better build more doomsday devices so he matters again in those games. What a sane person he is. Hope Russians get rid of him soon

Anonymous said...

What. China is a threat???

For years (!!) and at the very same time while CNN tore this nation apart with the Russia hoax and calling Trump Hitler and his supporters racists!) and fascists. At that very same time when they applauded the forming of Mobs and the intimidation of opposing views, at that very time, CNN's biggest foreign income was from China.

And they told us to invest in China and beat up and harass Trump supporters. Day in, day out. 24/7 on Tens of thousands of occasions. If you have any shame left, boycot that channel. This channel actually deserves boycott and investigation. Not what all the misled SJWs do with their little parrot brains and need of belonging. That's why they follow orders and are so easily manipulated. The same reason why the are no true leaders in the Democrat party.

Shame on CNN. And shame on all who keep working there and watch this worst rated news channel in history. I cannot think of a bigger disservice to mankind other than being a mass murderer..or what Fred does lol. .he's up there with them. .or likely down there. .where it's hot

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