Sunday, September 15, 2019

Tweets For Today


Anonymous said...

"America's Exclusive, Math-Challenged Party"

That describes Democrats to a T.

Anonymous said...

Another Day Another Fake Hate attack by a Democrat

"Another Smollett-style fake hate crime blaming MAGA busted"

Anonymous said...

"If you’re looking for Russian collusion you might start with a closer look at who is funding those groups that use lawfare, lobbyists, and publicity releases to gullible reporters and solons to hamper our energy development at every turn"

Gullible ... that describes parrots

Anonymous said...

"Why would Russia have an interest in hampering U.S. energy production, someone not too smart might ask."

Parrots are not smart.

Anonymous said...

anon: you are tedious, ie, very boring

Anonymous said...

"Iranian Regime Hacked Phone and Email of Israeli Candidate for Prime Minister Benny Gantz – Includes Text Messages with Mistress"

Mitterand, Hollande, Clinton, etc.

Powerful men often have extramarital sex. Probably women too. It will always be a problem due to blackmail, corruption, and betrayal.

Mitterand's wife certainly felt betrayed. The funeral where his wife and illegitimate daughter was dicey. Part of the problem comes from having to keep a second set of books and the money need for 2 households or 2 lives. Personally, I have less of a problem with Mitterand than Hollande. Mitterand did less damage. We was not off the chain like Hollande or CLinton. We are talking gradients here.

I find the Gantz thing interesting. He has an allegation against him 40 years old. Shades of Bret Kavanaugh.

It reminds me of Witch Hunting. Much witch hunting was not driven by religion but greed and politics. Berlin nearly had a civil war over witch hunting. 40 year allegations of someone, who has been prominent for 2 decades IMO smells of the same thing as some witch hunts. It will lead to the same thing. Liberals get off on arson.

Anonymous said...

I had to look tedious up in the Hill Billy dictionary. The dictionary was created by a PhD as a public service.

You got nothing and also you are delusional if you think fake hate crimes does not affect the electorate. Completely off your rocker.

Anonymous said...


"Border Patrol Agent Wounded, Suspect Killed in Traffic Stop Shooting"

Democrat solution: Let the DRUGS FLOW, man!

Anonymous said...

Latest Kavanaugh Accuser Was Hillary's Lawyer in Clinton Impeachment

Are Democrat voters suspicious?

No, the dumbest among them lap it up like vicious curs.