Wednesday, September 18, 2019

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Porn Sex & Anel Sex Collection said...

not a good post

Porn Sex & Anel Sex Collection

Anonymous said...

The perfect DEMOCRAT candidate for the perfect DEMOCRAT voter.

"Biden Claims His Plan Would Put 720 Million Women To Work – In A Country Of 330 Million People (VIDEO)"

Both Biden and Parrot are math impaired.

It is the perfect match made in Heaven!

Anonymous said...

BREAKING: Hillary Clinton Donor Ed Buck Arrested After ANOTHER Male Overdoses in His Seedy LA Apartment (VIDEO)

"Ed Buck loves to inject young black gay escorts with methamphetamine"

Democrats love black people. They have since 1619. Love to death they do!

Anonymous said...

"NY Times Completes Its Long Journey Down the Toilet With 'Women Poop' Article"


Anonymous said...

"The Women's March was born out of the hysterical belief that Trump and Republicans would make abortion illegal, limit hard-earned rights, and take away birth control pills among other exaggerated concerns. Now that this has proven not to be the case, they're stuck advocating for late-term abortions and other more controversial issues. It's a dying movement and getting rid of the anti-Semites is too little too late."

Dims are hysterical!

Anonymous said...

"BREAKING: Several Injured After Driver Plows Through Lobby of Trump Plaza in New York – Driver Takes a Seat on Sofa, Says Nothing"

Guy is pulling a Nimitz and this means nothing or ...

Still you have to get over a curb and what is the speed limit in that part of town?

Some cars have black boxes. It would be interesting.

What is his party affiliation?

Anonymous said...

SHOCKING: Democrats’ Red Flag Laws Meant to Take Weapons from Rural Gun Owners – But Not Gang Members Who Commit 80% of Gun Homicides (VIDEO)

Of course. Democrats are evil

Pure evil!

PhreD said...

Covering up the corruption: GOP tries to block probe of Mike Pence's Ireland trip
Pennsylvania state Sen. Mike Folmer arrested on child porn charges
‘He’s not going to have Hillary Clinton sitting on her hands’: Trump’s uphill battle to hold Wisconsin
‘The ground is shifting’: Arizona emerges as a 2020 trouble spot for Trump
Corey Lewandowski: "I have no obligation to be honest with the media"
‘RIP GOP’: Polling expert predicts devastating Trump 2020 electoral wipeout
Jeffrey Epstein was NOT eligible for work release at fake company he ran out of his lawyer's office
Saudi Arabia has to explain how its oil assets in Abqaiq were attacked, says ex-US diplomat
Trump’s New Mexico rally features bizarre pitch to Latino voters

Anonymous said...

"Gov. Newsom Commutes Sentences of 21 Violent Criminals Incarcerated in CA Prisons – Including 4 Murderers with Life Sentences"

Democrats love their criminals.

I am surprised Toothsome did not pardon Mumia Abu-Jamal.

Anonymous said...

Liberal idiocy on display.\

Anonymous said...


I guess Bill Clinton raping Miss Arkansas was not obscene ... it was beautiful in Democrat parlance.

Did Al Gore finally release his 2nd chakra on some unsuspecting woman?

Anonymous said...

Dumb anons post this and that, sans link to provide full article, leaving as ususla implication and that piled upon a single instance and another there to discredit more than 50% of the nation who vote Democrat, as though NO gop person did a bad calling and single instances are merely the comments of not so smart people, unable to make a coherent presentation, other than the Oh So Clever Trumpian who calls names consistently so that it becomes a meme for the brain deprived. Rave on. Rant on. You reveal more about yourselves and your backgrounds than you do about what you try to belittle

Anonymous said...

"Previously Deported MS-13 Member Arrested in Alleged Kidnapping of High School Student"

May you live in interesting times!

Democrats are so thoughtful !

They are going to love us to death !

Anonymous said...

"A student at Glencliff High School told officers that suspected MS-13 gang member Franklin Jefferson Pineda-Caceres, 18, showed up at his high school with two other men before they forced him into a vehicle, according to a report from WKRN."

Child BEATEN for refusing to become a card carrying Democrat !

I'm sorry but I got this article for Breitbart, which is a cardinal sin according to devout Democrats.

But this Breitbart article relays information from a local TV radio station.

So is Breitbart in trouble for relaying it or is the TV station in trouble for actually reporting?

I think the real crime is Breitbart is aggregating the sins of the Democrats.

That is why devout Democrats are so angry and seethe at the mere mention of the name Breitbart.

Anonymous said...

"Saudi Arabia has to explain how its oil assets in Abqaiq were attacked, says ex-US diplomat"

"Das 3rd Reich has to explain how its oil assets in Ploesti were attacked, says ex-US diplomat"

Liberals believe that if war is not formally declared, then it does not exist.

"Best of all possible world" -Sigismundo

Anonymous said...

"Dumb anons post this and that, sans link to provide full article"

Step 1

Step 2
Paste article TITLE in google search bar

Step 3 (& this is key)
Hit the return key or click on the magnifying glass symbol

Step 4
Peruse the the google results page for the article title in full and the link to the article.

You would think that a copy & paste monkey, who surfs the internet 16 hours a day for free smut would know how to do this.

TBF it is a little harder than copying and pasting pictures so it might be beyond smut monkey's cognitive abilities.

TBH I care more about Roger than smut monkey. Roger (& others) is afraid of clicking in links. I don't blame him. So I often do not embed link but let the reader see them in full or just post the article title in full.

I hold Roger in higher esteem and respect than smutty the monkey.

Anonymous said...

You reveal more about yourselves and your backgrounds than you do about what you try to belittle"

I do belittle donors like Ed Buck and the people they support. That is a bad thing?

Please explain Smutters.

Anonymous said...

"You reveal more about yourselves and your backgrounds than you do about what you try to belittle"

So I should not have posted:

"Previously Deported MS-13 Member Arrested in Alleged Kidnapping of High School Student"

Because such a post is an attack on the liberal way?

You are not going to send a Democrat soldier after me are you?

"Gangs and Politicians in Chicago: An Unholy Alliance"

Gangs and Politicians in Chicago: An Unholy Alliance

fred said...

The best evidence of obstruction of justice: Trump is telling witnesses to obstruct an impeachment investigation. The president has no authority to tell a witness not to show up. The president has no absolute immunity to prevent ex-aides from testifying. That is what he did according to Lewandowski.
George Takei: "By claiming yesterday, under oath, that he had 'no obligation to be honest with the media,' Corey Lewandowski was saying he had no obligation to tell the truth to the American people, to whom the media relays the news. A lie made to the media is a lie made to us."
EVERYONE LIES!!! Lewandowski, dripping with disdain, all but admits he lied during media interviews, prompting the audience to gasp at his brazenness. Hard to believe this guy is considering a run for US Senate.
Four-term Pennsylvania Republican Senator Michael Folmer arrested and charged with sexual abuse of children, possession of child pornography, and criminal use of a communication device.
Julia Davis: "#Russia's state TV gloats about Putin's continued trolling of Trump, concluding that he is betraying all of America's allies and warning #Ukraine that it will be next. Giddy hosts summarize that Trump's behavior demonstrates the weakening influence of the U.S. in the Middle East."

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

George Takei is a MeToo# poster boy.

Funny that Parrot would want to quote him.

Parrot could have got someone else for a Lewandowski quote.

There are about 220 work days in a year. Less for Congress considering their long recesses. Captain Nads wasted a complete work day on a witch hunt. Lewandowski was there for 6 hours. If you were in one class in college for 6 hours, you would consider that a whole day, a long day.

How is this Russian collusion suppose to work you utter POS?

- Making the US energy dependent?
- Making the US military weak?
- Overextending and wearing the US military out?
- Crashing the economy?
- Giving Poot Poot the nuclear launch codes?
- Allowing the Russian to hack the FBI?

Sorry but that happened before Trump under the great leadership of Saint Comey.

- Bad relations with Germany? The Germans under any socialist PM has always tried to go off the reservation. They even have a term for it, Real Politik. The term Real Politik has been around longer than socialist German PMs have been sucking up to the Soviets, but that is the 1st when I heard it.

Bad Relations with Germany? Can you have good relations with an idiot like Merkel? She ruined her country.

How has Trump colluded?

It is not like Trump can give away human assets. Brennan did a fabulous job of giving them away. Are there any left for Trump to give away if he were so inclined?

Seriously are there any?

So how has Trump colluded?

Be specific.

Anonymous said...

Look at a NYT's worker, find an racist.

Seemingly without fail

"New York Times Fact Checker Used Racist, Homophobic Slurs on Twitter"

Anonymous said...


"Ninth Illegal Alien in Maryland Sanctuary County Charged with Rape"

Anonymous said...

WhiteSatin • 14 hours ago • edited
Montgomery County must be so proud of its illegal criminals. WHERE THE HELL ARE THE CITIZENS IN THIS COUNTY? Will 15 rapes be enough? How about 30? WAKE UP people!!!

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Richard B. Martin Jr., Esq. WhiteSatin • a minute ago
Ever been to MoCo? [They] have it locked down so tight. You can focus your attention 100% on obeying the speed limit, and you’ll still get a ticket via the cameras. Local Government is complete corrupt. We still want to know how the MoCo Police found the DC Snipers.


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Mentorit WhiteSatin • 14 hours ago
Most are not hearing this news. Fake News MSM does not report this and that is all they listen to and watch. They have been brainwashed into believing that Fox, Breitbart and the rest of the "other" news are all lying. I have talked to Dems, they really do not know what the heck is going on. The one's that do know don't care... they hate Trump more than anything. Extreme TDS.

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Anonymous said...

New York City Schools Want To Ban Chocolate Milk

Liberal = Killjoy = Church Lady

Anonymous said...

"One major problem. Parents want their children to drink milk, but kids prefer the dairy product when there’s chocolate. Take Los Angeles, which got rid of chocolate milk in 2011. The school district had to bring it back in 2017 after finding kids just stopped drinking milk."

Democrats reinventing the wheel yearly.

On step backward One step forward

Rinse repeat