Sunday, September 22, 2019

Ukraine Foreign Minister Denies Media Reports That President Trump Pressured Ukraine President Zelenskiy

Euronews: Ukraine minister denies Trump put pressure on Zelenskiy during call: report

KIEV (Reuters) – Ukrainian Foreign Minister Vadym Prystaiko on Saturday denied suggestions U.S. President Donald Trump had put pressure on Ukrainian leader Volodymyr Zelenskiy during a phone call in July.

In an interview with media outlet Hromadske, Prystaiko said Ukraine was an independent state and would not take sides in U.S. politics even if “in theory” the country was in a position to do so. He added that Kiev appreciated the assistance it received from Washington.

On Friday reports by U.S. media outlets said Trump repeatedly pressured Ukraine’s president to investigate Joe Biden, one of Trump’s chief political rivals, in a July phone call.

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Update #1: Ukraine foreign minister defends Trump's call with Zelenskiy: 'I think there was no pressure' (FOX News)
Update #2: Ukraine minister denies Trump put pressure on Zelenskiy during call: report (Reuters)

WNU Editor: I met Ukrainian Foreign Minster Vadym Prystaiko when he was the Ukrainian Ambassador to Canada twice around 2013 (one was in a social environment, and the second one was to help a Canadian friend of mine who wanted to invest in Ukraine). The Ambassador struck me as a typical diplomat but one who was sincere and honest on what could and could not be done. If he says President Trump did not pressure Ukrainian President Zelenskiy, I believe him. But the U.S. press (of course) has a different take on this story .... Ukraine and Whistle-Blower Issues Emerge as Major Flashpoints in Presidential Race (New York Times). More here .... Trump urged Ukraine president eight times during call to investigate Joe Biden's son, report says (CNBC). There are even Democrat calls for impeachment .... U.S. Democrat Schiff says Trump's Ukraine call could justify impeachment (Reuters). And all of this because a whistle-blower heard from someone else on what may have been discussed !!!! .... Whistleblower 'didn’t have direct knowledge of the communications' between Trump and Ukraine (Washington Examiner).

As for the Biden family's history in Ukraine, it has been chronicled by this blog for years .... With Fighting Continuing In The Region, Ukraine Is Still Proceeding To Develop It's Shale Gas Deposits (July 26, 2014). Everyone in Ukraine knew that Hunter Biden was made a director of this Ukrainian company (at $50,000/month) as a favour to his dad. It is how business is done in Ukraine. As for the need to launch a probe on the Biden family's business in Ukraine. This is actually old news but one that I strongly believe should be done in both Ukraine and in the U.S. .... A Probe Into Former U.S. Vice President Biden's Family Business Deals In Ukraine May Be Opened (April 2, 2019).


Mike Feldhake said...

The scary part of all this; is how the Left keeps getting over on the common people. Really, were screwed until this is resolved.

Jac said...

The left is sick. That's all.