Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Watch This Hypersonic Rocket Sled Do 6,599mph At Holloman Air Force Base

Warzone/The Drive: This Video Of A Rocket Sled Doing 6,599mph At Holloman AFB Is Absolute Insanity

The sound alone of something ripping by at hypersonic speed just feet above the desert floor is worth the click!

The internet is full of many wondrous things, most of which you have likely already seen. But something you probably have never seen before is an object rocketing along a set of tracks at 6,599 miles per hour, or right around Mach 8.6. No, I did not screw those metrics up, the video below shows a test being conducted on an object that is moving far beyond the threshold of hypersonic speed (Mach 5) just a few feet over the desert floor near Alamogordo, New Mexico.

Make sure your audio is on for this, the sound alone is worth the click:

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Update #1: Incredible video shows a hypersonic rocket sled shooting down a track at 6,599 miles per hour - almost two miles per SECOND - during US Air Force testing in New Mexico -- Daily Mail
Update #2: Air Force Hypersonic Rocket Sled Moves So Fast You Can't Even See It In Slow Motion -- Huffington Post

WNU Editor:
Now that is fast.

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Anonymous said...

Imagine a Pizza delivered like that on full speed

Angry customer: *calls them up* yo where's my pizza, it's been like half a second already and you're down my street like wtf

Pizza delivery catapult: zzZzaaaBoooOom