Wednesday, October 9, 2019

According To The New York Times Unit 29155 Is A Secret Russian Intelligence Unit Trying To Destabilize Europe

Russian President Putin chairs a meeting with members of the government in Moscow. Reuters

New York Times: Top Secret Russian Unit Seeks to Destabilize Europe, Security Officials Say

First came a destabilization campaign in Moldova, followed by the poisoning of an arms dealer in Bulgaria and then a thwarted coup in Montenegro. Last year, there was an attempt to assassinate a former Russian spy in Britain using a nerve agent. Though the operations bore the fingerprints of Russia’s intelligence services, the authorities initially saw them as isolated, unconnected attacks.

Western security officials have now concluded that these operations, and potentially many others, are part of a coordinated and ongoing campaign to destabilize Europe, executed by an elite unit inside the Russian intelligence system skilled in subversion, sabotage and assassination.

The group, known as Unit 29155, has operated for at least a decade, yet Western officials only recently discovered it. Intelligence officials in four Western countries say it is unclear how often the unit is mobilized and warn that it is impossible to know when and where its operatives will strike.

The purpose of Unit 29155, which has not been previously reported, underscores the degree to which the Russian president, Vladimir V. Putin, is actively fighting the West with his brand of so-called hybrid warfare — a blend of propaganda, hacking attacks and disinformation — as well as open military confrontation.

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WNU Editor: The Russian press has responded .... US Media Invents Poverty-Stricken Top Secret Russian Unit Tasked With ‘Destabilizing Europe’ (Sputnik)

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Anonymous said...

Many liberal journalists and politicians have long worked with Russia to destabilize Europe.

In Denmark a few years ago, liberals fought long and hard to prevent unmasking of journalists and politicians, who had secret communications and were tracked by Denmark's secret services.

Liberals have a long history of going Quisling.

Anonymous said...

There is a huge influence on our "left" media in Europe. Even our top politicians seem bribed. Just look at how Merkel acts, destabilising Europe with erratic policies (see her immigration fiasco that also brought Brexit), how she defunds the military, how she made the oil deal with Putin.. before her Chancellor Schröder.. He is the biggest embarrassment to Germany in a long time. Less than a week after leaving office he started working for Russia gasprom.. And there is no need for this. .Germany is far richer than Russia but our politicians are as corrupt as the left in the USA. I feel for you if Democrats win 2020

Anonymous said...

CHUDS respond

Anonymous said...

CHUD War News Update Club. No one else need comment!

Anonymous said...

Doesn't stop you Mr. Chuds does it.