Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Can The A-10 Destroy Iran's Navy In A War?

Image: DVIDShub.

Robert Beckhusen, National Interest: How America's A-10 Warthogs Will Destroy Iran's Navy in a War

Small attack boats are no match.

Key Point: A-10s are anti-tank planes but they also have a great anti-ship role.

It doesn’t necessarily take the resources of a major nation-state to challenge U.S. Navy warships. China for instance is building up a large navy and invests in long-range, ship-killing missiles. Iran can’t build a large navy but it does invest in swarms of small missile boats.

Like a swarm of insects, a swarm of boats can pose a threat as a larger, far more expensive warship might not be able to swat them all — and a single missile with enough punch can be devastating.

So the U.S. military is practising with ways to defeat such a potential threat with tank-killing A-10 Warthogs.

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WNU Editor:  I find it more interesting that the U.S. military decided to use an A-10 in an exercise to show how effective it can be used against a swarm of boats.


RussInSoCal said...

Just watch, some Pentagon/House communist will cut the 30mm budget or try to destroy the A-10 pilot base. Again.

Mike Feldhake said...

Love that Warthog! Live long and prosper.

Roger Smith said...

I'm sure a B-25 could wreak havoc on speedboats. But no matter what implements are utilized timing is everything.
National Interest has some click bait level articles speculating on this and that.
I've related before a dog and pony show I witnessed while in the army decades ago. The amount of flying lead we witnessed that day gave me a feeling that we were invincible. The Viet Cong took the air out of that balloon many times.
I'm sure there is an Iranian equivalent of National Interest that will describe their speedboats so stuffed with manpads they look like a sea-going porcupine and which will be invincible to an A-10 attack.

Reality can be often be AOL at a typewriter desk.

AZuLike said...

When I was at school getting my CDL. The Airforce base in Tucson, AZ A10s were flying non-stop. 4 at a time landing in theu are fun to watch.