Friday, October 18, 2019

Canadians Go To The Polls On Monday -- News Roundup October 18, 2019

Reuters: Canada's Trudeau says fighting for every vote, concedes rival could win

WHITBY, Ontario (Reuters) - Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, trying to retain power after scandals dimmed his image, on Friday said he was fighting for every vote in an election next week and conceded his main rival could win.

Polls show Trudeau’s Liberals are locked in a tie with the opposition Conservatives ahead of the vote on Monday and will not capture enough seats for a majority. That would leave them in a weakened position, reliant on smaller parties to govern.

Trudeau has spent much of the campaign in Ontario, Canada’s most populous province, which accounts for 108 of the 338 seats in the House of Commons. The Liberals hold 76 of those seats and need to retain them to stand a chance of winning.

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WNU Editor: Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has one thing going for him in this election .... an opponent (Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer) who has not only alienated his own base on a number of issues, but has been a catastrophe in appealing to French speaking voters in Quebec (the province that I live in). Andrew Scheer's performance at the first French debate just made me cringe. Instead of using the playbook that a number of provincial conservative parties have used in the past two years to win power in a number of elections (including in Quebec), he has chosen to do the opposite. It is also very telling to me that two of my closest friends who are staunch Conservative supporters are not even going to bother to vote on Monday. They are staying home. But everything is not rosy for Prime Minister Trudeau. He has also alienated his base. I live in a riding that has been dominated by the Liberals for decades. But this is the first election where I have not seen one Liberal sign displayed at a home. The impression that I have is that Liberal supporters are too embarrassed on showing who they support. The big surprise in this election has been the rise of the French nationalist party (Bloc Quebecois) in Quebec. They are going to do very well. My prediction for Monday. The polls are saying that the two main parties are neck-and-neck. But for the past two years polls in Canada have been consistent in underestimating Conservative strength by about 5 points in a number of provincial elections. But I do not think that this going to happen here. We are heading into a minority government on Monday, and the Liberals are well positioned to stay in power by forming an alliance with the NDP (our Socialist party).

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Bob Huntley said...

Canadians go to the polls on Monday.

There is no registration required and every attempt is made to ensure Canadian voters are able to cast their vote and accordingly advance polls were held over the Thanksgiving weekend including Oct 11, 12, 13, 14, hours 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Every attempt is made to assist voters who have difficulty getting to the voting stations as per

In my area the advance voting stations were busy. It is likely a major portion of the voters have already cast their vote.

We have a parliamentary system and a minority government based on a coalition can be very beneficial to Canadians. That is how over half a century ago we got universal healthcare.

Moreover if the major party in the coalition fails to fulfill its agreement it can be brought down on a non confidence vote and a new election held. That is why a minority government is much desired.

Anonymous said...

I hope Scheer loses. That idiot was campaigning in Beauce against Bernier the other day and he paid Warren Kinsella's Daisy firm to slander the PPC as racist.

Best case scenario is that Trudeau wins a weak minority without enough seats to form a two party coalition and Scheer gets tossed out as leader of the Tories.

Bob Huntley said...

Agreed on the minority item.

Don't like Scheer at all and I think that someone with a dual citizenship should not become the leader of any party and certainly not the PM. Major conflict of interest there.

Anonymous said...

"There is no registration required " So anyone can vote even a foreigner on holiday or going to uni.

Agree on the dual citizenship thing.

Bob Huntley said...

Not quite as liberal as I said but my post was more directed at the attention to making sure people entitled to vote are facilitated accordingly. There is a process but once you on on the list you stay on the list and are not required to re-register.