Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Hong Kong's Embattled Leader Carrie Lam Says ‘No Options Can Be Ruled Out,' When Asked About A China Intervention

Daily Mail: Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam warns of military crackdown from China for the first time, claiming Beijing WILL step in if anti-government unrest gets worse

* Lam warned that Beijing's troops could intervene if unrest 'becomes so bad'
* But she reiterated that the government still hopes to resolve the crisis itself
* Western envoys in the city claimed China had quietly doubled its troop levels
* China's PLA army in Hong Kong gave its first warning to activists on Sunday
* The financial hub was plunged into further chaos after an emergency mask ban
* 77 people have been arrested and 14 have been charged for violating the law
* Trump today urged President Xi to ensure a 'humane solution' in Hong Kong

Hong Kong's leader Carrie Lam warned today that the Chinese military could step in if an uprising for democratic reforms that has rocked the city for months 'becomes so bad', but reiterated the government still hopes to resolve the crisis itself.

Lam urged foreign critics to accept that the four months of protests marked by escalating violence were no longer 'a peaceful movement for democracy'.

Beijing's army stationed in the city gave its first warning to activists on Sunday, telling them that they could be arrested for targeting its barracks with lasers.

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Update #1: Hong Kong leader Lam does not rule out Beijing help, as economy suffers (Reuters)
Update #2: Carrie Lam says Chinese military could step in if Hong Kong's situation gets worse: 'Nothing can be ruled out' (The Independent)

WNU Editor: This tells me that they (the Chinese and Hong Kong leadership) are now discussing the type of Chinese military/police intervention that they will need to stop the protests. The question that remains unanswered is how and when will these forces be deployed.


Anonymous said...

They will wait a bit longer to see if it can be avoided

If it cannot be avoided, the reporters who have already been targeted and tear gassed will be beaten and imprisoned.. on top their equipment will be taken, Internet will be suppressed and on top they will likely do it if another news cycle dominates headlines

And ideally next month, not so close to their party anniversary

Jac said...

Here we go! Xi Jimping is eager to have this problem behind him asap for more serious problem. With or without PLA (I strongly doubt).
Carrie Lam just prepare the international opinion of what will happen. That's better than a surprise. I have no crystal ball but if it will be of a matter of weeks I will not be surprised. China is already pushing Vietnam with more and more provocation, this cannot be waiting forever.