Tuesday, October 8, 2019

New Polls Show Almost 50% Support For Impeaching President Trump

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FiveThirtyEight: Do Americans Support Impeaching Trump?

An updating calculation of support for and opposition to impeachment, accounting for each poll's quality, recency, sample size and partisan lean, since Aug. 1, 2018

Now that House Democrats are holding an official inquiry into allegations that President Trump pressured Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to investigate former Vice President Joe Biden, FiveThirtyEight is following how public opinion responds with this preliminary impeachment polling tracker.

In addition to tracking the polling averages for and against impeachment among all Americans, which you can see in the chart above, we are also keeping tabs on how opinion breaks down along party lines. As you can see below, Democrats are strongly in favor of impeachment, Republicans are strongly opposed and independents hover somewhere in between

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WNU Editor: This poll also shows 50% support for impeaching President Trump .... Brutal new poll shows 3 in 10 Republicans support Trump impeachment push (The Week).


Anonymous said...

If that happens, good luck America
You will bow to:
- China, Russia, Iran and north Korea
- will live in a hyperpolitical victimhood culture in which the loudest screamer is the most glorified
- hyper racism against whites which the MSM says doesn't exist, cannot exist
- entitlement culture, especially if Warren, the role model of living of entitlement, becomes president

Dark times

Anonymous said...

If Democrats get their way and pervert law enforcement, the political process and everything in between, a person would be better of in China or Russia.

Look at the bonuses. For one Putin does not try the white guilt route of gaining and maintaining power. For another, if you are pro Russian, you are pro-Russian. In America, if you are pro-America, you are an enemy of the state.

Nothing like fuckwad liberals spitting on people in uniform from a safe distance of course. You could blame it Californication, but it is really a liberal virtue.

Anonymous said...

Impeachment's Tale of the Tape

"Audio recording charts Democrat collusion with Ukraine to help Hillary and harm Trump."

Once again liberals take a dump on America.

Anonymous said...

I smell a rat.

All this lying by the Leftwing legacy media and the DNC to protect a bad candidate, who stabbed a black woman in the back

"In New Book, Susan Rice Throws Hillary Under The Bus On Benghazi"

This is not as bad as it looks ... for Susan Rice.

Hillary threw her under the bus first. If Condeleeza Rice was floated as a presidential nominee, why not Susan Rice?

But then Hillary came along and SHTF!

Thank you Hillary!

'I smell a rat. This is not a good idea.' Susan Rice tells how the Benghazi scandal took a toll


-The former national security adviser said her mom told her not to do TV interviews and asked: 'Why do you have to go on the shows? Where is Hillary?'

-Rice told her mother that Clinton was 'wiped out after a brutal week


So the 3 AM call came and the stalwart, energetic Hill-of-Beans was out of commission ...

hors de com·bat ...

Spent ...

You get the idea.

Well at least, Secret Service did not have scoop the woman off the street and throw her in the back of van. That time.

Maybe Hillary was fine, but the conniving pol knew that the Benghazi thing was bad news and so let her underling take the slings and arrows?
/ˌôr də ˌkämˈbä/


Mike Feldhake said...

Right, same polls suggesting Hillary will win - LOL. Bad data is not an excuse to promote a viewpoint.

Roger Smith said...

Hard to believe. Even accounting for agendas in schools for the past decade or more.

Jac said...

FiveThirtyEight is own by ABC...the poll is not biased, of course.

Jac said...

Also.I forgot: "The Week"is left too...

Anonymous said...

Hope you all enjoy your echo chamber.

Jac said...

"Hope you all enjoy your echo chamber."
Free speech is, so far, the rule. With my gray hair I always accept to see or hear opposite opinion, for the same reason.