Sunday, October 13, 2019

Parliamentary Elections In Poland Today

DW: Poland's ruling PiS party wins most votes, according to exit polls

Poland's ruling Law and Justice party is set to be victorious in the parliamentary elections, exit polls say. The main opposition parties were still hoping to gain enough support to form a coalition government together.

Exit polls are indicating that Poland's conservative ruling party Law and Justice party (PiS) will win the most votes in the country's parliamentary elections.

An exit poll projected PiS would win Sunday's parliamentary election with 43.6% of the vote. The opposition Civic Coalition, comprising the Civic Platform (PO) party formerly led by European Council President Donald Tusk and some smaller liberal parties, came second with 27.4%, according to the Ipsos poll.

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WNU Editor: The Conservative Law and Justice Party has been ruling Poland since 2015, and I expect them to win easily due to a booming economy.

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