Monday, October 21, 2019

Training Tank Accident Kills Three U.S. Soldiers In Georgia

Daily Mail: Three soldiers died after their tank fell off a bridge and into a stream on Georgia base as an Army Major reveals the details through tears

 * A training accident in Georgia killed three soldiers and injured three others
 * Army said the soldiers' armored vehicle rolled off a bridge and landed upside down in a stream during a training exercise being conducted before dawn
 * Sgt. 1st Class Bryan Jenkins, 41, of Gainesville, Florida; Cpl. Thomas Cole Walker, 22, of Conneaut, Ohio; and Pfc. Antonio Garcia, 21, of Peoria, Arizona were killed
 * The cause of the fatal crash is being investigated

Three U.S. soldiers who were killed during a training exercise were carrying out their mission in darkness when their armored vehicle fell from a bridge and landed upside down in water below, the commanding general of Fort Stewart tearfully revealed on Monday.

Maj. Gen. Antonio Aguto struggled to hold back tears at a news conference as he read the names of the soldiers who died Sunday during the exercise hours before dawn.

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Update #1: 3 US Army soldiers were killed and 3 others were injured in a training accident involving an armored vehicle in Georgia (Business Insider/Reuters)
Update #2: 3 soldiers die, 3 hurt in Army Fort Stewart training accident (USA Today)

WNU Editor: Military training is always dangerous, as this accident proves.


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Anonymous said...

Why the fuck do they not have some breathing mask for underwater in the tanks during training, when rolling over a bridge? FFS it would cost less than $1,000 for a good breathing aparatus to give them a fighting chance/enough time to be rescued. 3 lives lost!
RIP :(

think about all the stuff we spend money on that we could use to save lives, including those 3

We all have our preferences, so I don't want to make this political.. but honestly, think about these 3 the next time a government official (or a virtue signaller) wants money for something we don't need. those 3 could have needed breathing masks, or we could have had a crane stand at the ready, because this kind of stuff doesn't happen for the first time. AND: They train to protect us!

Bob Huntley said...