Monday, October 14, 2019

Ukraine Nationalists March In Kyiv In Opposition To The East Ukraine Peace Plan

The Guardian: Far right and nationalists march in Kyiv to oppose east Ukraine peace plan

Ukrainian president calls on protesters to avoid violence as he is criticised for ‘capitulation’

Thousands of people have joined a march through Kyiv led by far right groups and nationalist parties to protest against changes to a peace plan for east Ukraine that they have called a “capitulation” to Russia.

Police deployed around Ukraine’s capital closed off several major avenues for the demonstrations, as the Ukrainian president, Volodymyr Zelenskiy, urged participants to avoid violence. He also warned that images from the protests could be used by Russian state media to discredit Ukraine.

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Update #1: Zelenskiy Visits Front Line On Ukraine's Defenders Day, As Tens Of Thousands Rally In Kyiv (RFE)
Update #2: Far-right groups protest Ukrainian president’s peace plan (AP)

WNU editor: They can protest as much as they want, but Ukrainian President Zelenskiy is committed to ending the war.


Anonymous said...

It's not their protests that he needs to worry about. It's their weapons, will to use them and backing from outside the country.

Zelensky better watch his ass. Hysteria's kin folk will get as much help as we can pay for.

Anonymous said...

Here's an example of our money at work today.

Pimping out the CBC to legitimate a bunch of fascists and racists.

Someone should explain to Mr Brown, the CBC and the wolf bitch FM that Russo-phobia is a form of racism. Their apparent high regard for Ukrainian white supremacists shows that probably doesn't mean much to them anyway.

Svoboda, the militias, the red and black flags, black sun and wolfsangel and all they stand for are being promoted and spported by our tax dollars.

Shameful and disgusting.