Wednesday, October 16, 2019

U.S. Jets & Helicopters Threaten Turkish-Backed Fighters Who Came Very Close To U.S. Troops In Syria

F-15 fighter jet (file photo) © US Air Force/Tech. Sgt. Paul Labbe

RT: ‘Show of force’: US jets & helicopters threaten Turkish-backed fighters who came VERY CLOSE to American troops in Syria

US fighter jets and gunship helicopters were sent to scare off Turkish-backed militants in northern Syria after they came “very close” to US troops at Ain Issa, the Pentagon said. Washington has also sent a complaint to Ankara.

F-15 fighters and AH-64 Apache gunships were used in the “show of force” on Tuesday, an unnamed US official told reporters, after the militants “violated a standing agreement” not to threaten US troops. A formal complaint was lodged with the Turkish military through diplomatic channels, the official added.

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Update #1: US military carries out ‘show of force’ in Syria after Turkish-backed fighters get close to American forces, official says (CNBC/Reuters)
Update #2: US Jets & Apache Gunships In "Show Of Force" Against Turkish Forces Who Got "Too Close" To US Troops (Zero Hedge)

WNU Editor: I am sure the U.S. have been issuing a lot of warnings to Turkish forces and proxies in the past few days.


Anonymous said...

Kurds in Syria were using back channels to talk to Russians for a YEAR after being warned by Putin's ambassador that American forces would abandon them

There was no secret. Trump campaigned on it.

I do not want the US to leave Syria. I will also vote for Trump again. Trump is more consistent and has better reasoning than the people who deny American exceptionalism, bitch about American bases or carp about the the MIC, while offering shit as an alternative.

Anonymous said...

Trump consistent with Putin objectives

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile back on the Homefront

Tyrant Kamala Harris Calls for Twitter to Silence Trump and Delete His Account – Democrats Continue to Shit on Bill of Rights

Why arrest people for defecating on Californian streets, when Democrats SHIT on the Constitution!

What can you expect of Kamala. She climbed up the ladder the same way some Hollywood starlets have.

In Tinsel Town it is called a casting couch.

What is the name of the political equivalent of a casting couch?

* "Madonna pledges oral sex for Clinton voters" - The Hill

*A liberal political pundit, Nina D. Burleigh, said she would give Bill Clinton a hummer if it would keep him happy as president.

That is where Democrats are at, so perhaps Kamala should promise voters a free hummer if they vote for her in 2020?

Anonymous said...

"Here are a few salient points one should bear in mind about the Kurds which the hand-wringers conveniently ignore in their hagiographies:Kurdish predatory mass killings of Christians and Yazidis are well-characterized and went on for centuries. Grinding persecution continues to this day, as can be gleaned from detailed reports by both Assyrian and Yazidi organizations"

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

It's Mr. Chuds!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Chudly, you're back.

Anonymous said...

" Kurdish “region(s)” were ethnically cleansed of Jews by the late 19th/early 20th centuries in a series a pogroms, compounded by constant grinding persecution including enslavement of Jewish families handed over between generations of Kurds as “family property”."

Maybe this is why the Democrat leadership likes Islam?

The plantation would be pretty boring for Democrats, if they only had black slaves.

Anonymous said...

‘Syrian YPG/PKK kidnaps, forces children to join them'

PYD/YPG threatens local Christians, kidnaps children to make them join terror group, says head of World Council of Arameans

Anonymous said...

Germany enemy once. Japan enemy once. china ally once. Russia once. things change. CHUDS do not change

Anonymous said...

Syria: American troops lose. Assad, Iran, Turkey, Russia win. Israel loses

Anonymous said...

No they do not, do they Mr. Chuds?

Anonymous said...

Assad and Turkey are enemies. They cannot both win.

Ditto Iran and Turkey.

In fact Turkey took Antioch from Syria a 100 years ago and ethnically cleanse it. They want to take more or Syria.

Turkey's economy is about to take a shit.

Anonymous said...

80 yrs ago Germany and England enemies and US and Germany enemies and now all are pals...things change

Bob Huntley said...


Didn't you mommy ever tell you that People who live in tin houses should'nt throw can openers?