Tuesday, October 15, 2019

U.S. Reviewing Options For Pulling Nuclear Bombs Out Of Turkey

Members of the US Air Force's 62nd Airlift Wing tie down inert B83 nuclear bombs inside a C-17 during a Prime Nuclear Airlift Force inspection in 2009. USAF

Warzone/The Drive: U.S. Reviewing Options For Pulling Nuclear Bombs Out Of Turkey, Here's How They Might Do It

The rapidly evolving crisis in Syria may prompt the U.S. to finally remove its nuclear stockpile from Turkey, a move that some say is long overdue.

The U.S. government is reportedly examining multiple plans for how it might remove approximately 50 B61 nuclear gravity bombs it keeps in ready storage at the American-operated portion of Turkey's Incirlik Air Base. This comes a week after Turkey launched an operation into northern Syria targeting the primarily Kurdish U.S.-supported Syrian Democratic Forces, or SDF. This intervention has precipitated an all-new crisis in the region, prompted the start of at least a tactical withdrawal of U.S. forces from much of the country amid concerns they could be caught in the fighting, and led to calls for an arms embargo and major sanctions on the Turkish government.

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WNU Editor: President Erdogan ignored President Trump and others to not invade northern Syria. The Turks have already broken their promise to limit their incursion to only 30km. The Turkish military deliberately launched an artillery strike on a U.S. base in Syria this weekend. This is no longer a reliable ally. The time to move these weapons out is now.


Bob Huntley said...

"This is no longer a reliable ally."

Was it ever reliable?

Dov Sar said...

It was reported in August 2016 that we had pulled our nukes out of Turkey back when Ergodan lost his temper and acted foolishly, even cutting power to the base, detaining our people, etc. Does the blogger know the real status on this?

Anonymous said...

Nobody posting here knows the true status of those nukes. I do know all B-61's were being upgraded to a -12 model. I read that the work was done in the USA so B-61's worldwide are rotating back the states. This would give the US the opportunity to remove those bombs and never return them. I have also read that Turkey alone among NATO members hosting B-61's doesn't have combat aircraft of its own outfitted to carry the bombs, so they don't have joint access to the nuclear bombs. Should make it easier for the US to withdraw them.

Anonymous said...

explode them there