Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Violent Protests In Ecuador Has Forced The Government To Move From Quito To The Coastal City Of Guayaquil

FOX News: Ecuador's government flees capital as violent protests erupt in wake of fuel price hikes

Ecuador’s president is accusing his political rivals of trying to orchestrate a coup this week after violent protests tied to rising fuel prices forced his government to relocate away from the country’s capital.

Officials say about 350 people have been detained so far for blocking traffic, interrupting public services or attacking police following President Lenín Moreno’s decision to end government subsidies that have been keeping fuel prices down. Moreno says the subsidies have cost the government heavily in recent years and dropped them in a bid to stimulate Ecuador’s economy, but scenes coming out of Quito showed protesters throwing stones and marching through the streets in response.

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Anonymous said...

Lenín Boltaire Moreno Garcés...was nominated as the candidate for Correa's PAIS Alliance, a centre-left, democratic socialist[1] political party, in the 2017 presidential election and won a narrow victory in Ecuador's second round of voting on 2 April 2017.[2] However, after his election Moreno drastically shifted his political stance, distancing himself from Correa's leftist legacy and making neoliberal changes to both internal and foreign policy.

There were riots when Rafael attempted to cut the oil subsidies. The people need to get more knowledgeable. At some point the government cannot maintain the subsidy like many other governments around the world have not. They have been going down this leftwing road for a long time and it is jut not working. They keep running out of money.