Monday, October 21, 2019

Will President Trump Be Re-Elected On An Anti-War Platform?

Zero Hedge: Democrats Have No Answer For Trump's Anti-War Posture

I hate to say I told you so, but well... as predicted, in the wake of Trump’s commanded military withdrawal from northeast Syria, the once U.S.-backed Kurds cut a deal with the Assad regime. (And Vice President Mike Pence has now brokered a five-day cease-fire.) Admittedly, Trump the “dealmaker” ought to have brokered something similar before pulling out and before the Turkish Army—and its Sunni Arab Islamist proxies—invaded the region and inflicted significant civilian casualties.

One must admit that a single phone call between Trump and President Erdogan of Turkey has turned the situation in Syria upside down in just over a week. The Kurds have requested protection from Assad’s army, Russian troops are now patrolling between the Kurds and invading Turks, and the U.S. is (for once) watching from the sidelines.

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WNU Editor: President Trump has certainly disrupted how Washington works. As I had said in a previous post. I never thought I would see the day when Democrats are condemning a President for withdrawing from a conflict that shows no sign of ever ending. And where are the anti-war protesters?


Andrew Jackson said...

Casualties are very light.Less than 15 KIAs a yr for 6 yrs. If it was 1500 kias you would see plenty of protesters.

Anonymous said...

How can anyone ever vote Democrat again?

They have

- supported the formation of mobs and intimidation of voters (Maxine Waters LITERALLY called for the harassment of people opposing the Democrats -- Hillary Clinton LITERALLY called for an end to civility until they are back in power)

- smeared Kavanaugh IN FRONT of his children they called him a rapist and gang banger - while even Blasey Ford's friends didn't believe her. They marched in the streets calling for an end to due process and to "always believe her" Are you insane? I know SO MANY women who lie. Perhaps Hillary Clinton is the most famous example - but we all know how women lie all freaking day - right Pelosi?

- When Pelosi shoved the finger in Trump's face it was called HEROIC, when that Republican lady did it with Obama, it was called RACISM -- see the hypocrisy?

- They stole town hall questions and passed them on to team Hillary (that was Donna Brazille, a former CNN employee who now works for Fox to remind us all how low Democrats sink.. I will never forget, whenever I see her face)

- They tried to overturn a duly elected president; talked about "backup plans" in case he gets elected and on and on

If you vote Democrat in 2020, then you will encourage this kind of hyper racism, hyper sexist, hyper partisan behaviour in which people trample on our rights and democracy. They all need to go to jail!

Anonymous said...

Trump administration is letting small farms go out of business, says farmers union
As Trump Tweets He Is 'Bringing Soldiers Home,' Pentagon Chief Says US Forces Leaving Syria Are Shifting to Iraq; "We simply cannot believe anything the Trump administration says—and neither can our allies."
Never-Before-Seen Trump Tax Documents Show Major Inconsistencies
Trump’s Letter To Erdogan Was So ‘Adolescent’ People Thought It Was A Fake
Trump reversed course on hosting G-7 at his club after learning that impeachment-weary Republicans were tired of defending him

Anonymous said...

DD-214 Lapides

Anonymous said...

Why Would Russia, China—and Iran—Plan Joint Naval Exercises?

Trump's chaotic policies are leading to strategic recalculations in and around the oil-rich Persian Gulf. Israel may help defend Saudi Arabia. Russia and China could defend Iran.

Anonymous said...

Private Photos of Indicted Donor Depict Ties to Trump, Giuliani
Dating back to 2015, the private Instagram account of Lev Parnas, a Ukrainian-American indicted for illegal campaign donations, appears to show VIP access to President Trump and a close relationship with Rudy Giuliani. WSJ’s Shelby Holliday reports. Photo illustration: Adele Morgan

Anonymous said...

And despite his obsession with looking strong, Trump seems weaker than ever. He writes Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan a childish letter demanding that Erdogan not launch a military operation into northern Syria, which Erdogan promptly ignores. He sends Rudy Giuliani on an international mission to pursue lunatic conspiracy theories and dig up dirt on Joe Biden, a project that will lead to his own impeachment—and Biden was probably never going to be the Democratic nominee anyway. He complains about Fox News polls.

Some presidents have thought in bigger, longer-term ways than others, trying to effect deep and lasting change and worrying about how history will judge them. But all have had at least some largeness of vision, the understanding that the office confers on them a unique responsibility to the country and the future. Donald Trump is, if anything, a smaller man now than he was before he took office: pettier, more insecure, more impulsive, more juvenile, all his character flaws only heightened by his unique position.

Anonymous said...

During a 2016 kitchen cabinet one of my kids back from college opined that they would not vote for Trump, because he would start a war.

This is what college kids learn from the Mike Wallaces, the Chris Wallaces, and most of the worthless profs at college.

I am still waiting for that war Trump was going to start. It has not happened.

Anonymous said...

Nothing lunatic about bringing Biden, Brennan and others to justice. Those assholes did conspire with Ukraine, Italy and others.

Democrats are sad pieces of shit, if their thought/political leaders are taking hammers to their black berries rather than turn therm over to the FBI.

Nuff said

Anonymous said...

What Huma said (but not to Anthony; not yet anyway)

Anonymous said...

CHUDS now posting horseshit chud crap

Anonymous said...

Dir mr editour
the amirikin trups r gone becuze rusia wants them gone and kurds to sufir from turkie and that is y evin the religius trump peple upset

Anonymous said...

Ah so sweet, so sweet.

The 9:42 POS, who probably owns a bitch, so he can have sex, if affecting what he thinks is a Southern accent/writing style.

He is channeling his political leadershit, Hillary and John Kerry

"I don't feel no ways tired" - Hillary

"Is this where I git me a hunting license?" - John Kerry

9:24 is

A) A dumb-ass troll
B) A Russian hacker
C) A Democrat operative working at Crowdstrike

Anonymous said...

chuds turn this into archeology site as they dip into the past since they must avoid the dummy now their leader

Anonymous said...

Hillary is still out there making news and not just a little bit. She could still get into the race. So her antics are germane.

Plus in 9:48 CHUD did not know, I will clue Leftists CHUD in. Hillary is advising Pocahontas.

Next time CHUD try to keep up.

Bob Huntley said...

Trump cares nothing for the well being of Americans and by extension, those who were suckered into joining up. In anything he does, even something that looks maybe good, and the stabbing in the back of an ally was not good, the real question that should be asked is "what did Trump get out of that action that furthers his personal agenda?"

Distraction from his continual violation of the Constitution is a very strong possibility. The only person Donald Trump has ever been “for” is Donald Trump. Everyone else is expendable, including his children. So some allies he has determined the US no longer needs? That is easy, throw them under the bus.

Unfortunately the desperate Kurds will sign on again to support whatever the US President decides he needs the fall guys again.

Here is something interesting to watch and listen to regarding the women Kurd fighters and hope they never deploy against American troops.

manstien said...

Send your children overseas to fight and die 4 Kurds or sunnis or Shia or Hindu.

Anonymous said...

"by extension, those who were suckered into joining up."

You are too scared to join anything including a marriage. The root cause is not commitment problems. The root cause is you are scared that others might expect something from you. You might have to work or more.

You are probably scared of the "in sickness & health" clause of marriage.

Of course you are scared you might get killed in battle, so you never joined the Canadian military.

You are too scared to live in Montreal, Quebec or Toronto, so you live as far north as you can without becoming an ice cube.

PS: I joined up and now I am going to get some basically free software that normally goes for $ 3,000+ per year.

Anonymous said...


Going overseas sometimes makes sense. We went overseas in WW2 helped the Brits and thereby helped ourselves.

Fortress America was taking a big risk, when the Germans and Japanese were developing the bomb.

The German bomb project was sabotaged for the start of the war, if the dead drop in Denmark means anything.

The Japanese might have exploded a bomb off the coast of Korea. For working on a shoe string budget, the Japanese were quite good at separating uranium.

Couple that with a transatlantic Amerika Bomber and you have disaster.

I am for helping the Kurds although they are not perfect. The political conditions to create a Kurdish state or even helping the Kurds D.N.E.

I take that back. Actually, Erdogan is a dumb fuck and is creating the political conditions to make a Kurdish state centered on what used to be called Turkey.

But creating the political conditions here in the US, who has done that? Who laid down a serious marker? This is about getting Trump. Nothing else.


Anonymous said...

Mark Zuckerberg: Facebook caught Russia and Iran trying to interfere in 2020
"They are highly sophisticated. They signal that these nation-states intend to be active in the upcoming elections," Zuckerberg told NBC News' Lester Holt.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Loser even with fake prose.

Bob Huntley said...


All that was then, this is now. Different world and over the time the US has disrupted many countries, killed millions of innocents, and sent it's young men and women to be killed for what? so that the rich can become richer.

Anonymous said...

The Prez is catchin' flak for the pull out. On the face of it, not a bad idea.


The U.S. is NOT pulling out of Syria - that is a huge lie.

They are not even giving up the Syrian oil fields.

So, Trump is being smart about it and once again has a bunch of liberal R2P idiots in both parties crowing.

Meanwhile, education gets cut, the economy is showing signs of recession, China isn't giving in and the infrasructure has only managed to get a little older and a little more in disrepair.

President Trump is going to win the next election. t
The majority of his opposition in the political establishment are corrupt, warmongering, out of touch, hysterically criminal idiots.

Anonymous said...

Great Day for women hating liberal Canadians

Transgender athlete Rachel McKinnon defends track world title

Perhaps a certain lonely liberal Canadian wants a date.

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile, education gets cut, the economy is showing signs of recession, China isn't giving in and the infrasructure[sic] has only managed to get a little older and a little more in disrepair.

So some piddling dude assets without any back up doom and despair.

Is he a

a) Concern troll?
b) psyops?
c) Bot?

Readers Digest has been running articles on deteriorating American roads since the late 1970s or before. It is a staple news item.

From what I can see, the roads are good and I travel several interstates and state roads in a several states. I am inconvenienced on a regular basis with overpass bridge painting to control rust.

I have seen problems, there is a bridge replacement, where a red state it getting its side done but the blue state has budget shortfalls and is late, the blue state is pushing high speed rail that won't be profitable still isn't build after years and won't have enough riders, But that is typical BLUE STATE POLITICIAN PIE-IN-THE-SKY BULLSHIT.


Checking Trading Economics not seeing a recession. Perhaps BS Anon CHUD who posted at 4:@8 is trying to talk down the economy like many TV reporters do. Like we have seminar callers to radio shows perhaps BS CHUD of 4:28 is trying to talk down the economy.

BS CHUD has no idea what s going on in China. All I have to do is go on vacation and I would get better information than CNN, MSLSD or the other psyop operations.

Anonymous said...

"So some piddling dude assets (sic) without any back up doom and despair."

So some little (not so) closet Nazi talks shit daily while linking Breitbart as if it's empirical evidence of anything but his Alt Right CHUD credentials.

Thinks he's a gate keeper or authority because he drives interstates as if there are the definitive example of infrastructure.

Head up ass with good doggy HMO to pay for his glass belly button so he can see his way around gated community - or Mom's basement.

The guy in the link knows a lot more about China than our resident bigot, fasc, poser who baits, accuses while actually knowing nothing about who he is talking to or about. Drives interstates (fuck off loser) but will never pull into the "bad" neighborhoods and talk his shit. Has no guts to go down to the hood and tell them to their faces what he thinks. A liar, sewer of racism, sewer politik and phoney creds.

Thinks a D is a good grade because, apparently, the Chinese and other foreign students worked hard enough to land him a pile of them on the curve.

He passed and keeps trying to pass on here day in and day out.

Married brown to try and pass some more.

Bought his grades (with someone else's hard work and money to be sure), bought his "spouse" and now expects us to buy his bullshit.

Is he a:
A) Proud Boy?
B) coyote?
C) Teabagger?
D) Race traitor abandoned by the Klan?
E) All of the above.

Now spit your teeth out, wipe away the blood and snot and STFU - because if she met me (or Bob the Canuck), she'd throw rocks at you.

Punk motherfucker.

Anonymous said...

Tea Party is a good organization to belong to.

I'll not runaway form Proud Boys. Not a member, but I don't by your line of crap about it.

Klan? You created it and keep it going with your racism.

Coyote? No, I am not I do not do work that facilitates The Democrat Party fucking over America.

Why do I bring up my spouse's race. Because god damn Left-liberals always accuse their opponents of being white racists. It is simply not true. Often those same liberals are just gaslighting.

So many left liberal lose motherfucker activists and voters are pasty, pasty white. Here is an example.

When I look at Extinction Rebellion, all I see is white faces.

- The Guardian

You did not read you own link . Having not read your own link (&m really not being bright at all), you were immediately smitten by how glossy the website looks. It is a very glossy website and I just love its concern trolling, transparency, utulity, and data.

How stupid does that make you?

Maybe your lexile score is ultra low. Maybe you are just a lazy fuck.

Beside interstates I am in a lot of airports too. I know a great deal more about shipping than you ever will. I am around a lot of civil engineers And Army Engineers. Got that dam (& locks) angle covered.

Bob and you are quite stupid mother fuckers.

By your reasoning the Allies would have been making a mistake if they engaged in a trade war in 1938 to force Hitler out of power.

It is not an apples to apples comparison, but you have not made the case as to why we have to trade with a country that is

1) A nation that is our most likely greatest threat to us.
2) Spies on us more than the Russians
3) Steals intellectual property

I can see why #3 would not be a thing for you. You probably pirate music software and everything else, so you have no problem with others doing it. Hell, you probably do not pay for your porn. More importantly you do not have enough intellect to power a 1 X 10 -9 watt light bulb. You'll never have any IP, so you don't care if there are any rules.

4) China has engaged in a trade war before we ever started.

PS I was on the honor roll 5 times in college and have completed graduate work.

PS My allegedly 'bought' spouse is more of a national asset than yours ever could be. Whatever you think of me, you should be real nice to them, because you never know when you might need them.

Now, STFU you pasty white lib Bitch.

Anonymous said...


So what?

You're so far off the mark - and bloody insecure, it's not even funny.

Fuck you and your "work". Fuck your tea party.

All that education and still as dumb as fuck.

The biggest liberal on here is you - and btw, I know PLENTY of engineers and they all consult me daily. Big deal. They, to a man (and woman) say the infrastructure is in a dismal state. Just because it's not in keeping with Proud Boy Teabagger mythology, --- means it's true.

You're, no better, and no smarter - in fact quite a bit less - than just about anyone else on here. How pissed off you get, and how you lose your shit when challenged shows it.

And I'll bet all that education you couldn't fight your way out of a fucking tin shed. Bitch motherfucker.

Now run back over there and buy another human being because that's what you people are good at.

I don't give a shit about gloss; except the gloss you try to put on your racism.

Porn, just like Rush podcasts (why anyone would pay extra for them is beyond me) ain't free - someone has to pay for the ISP and ads, you idiot. Past that, pirating shit is for theives just like "taking" someone else's oil. A pirate calling others pirates - that's rich.

You should have told your fellow "graduates" not to sell out the American worker and run off over to China - but no - you invested and then bought a bride. You slimy fuck. Trying to come off as all morally superior and shit.

Fuck off.

My Wife would kick your "graduate work" ass from here to Lviv - where you really take your pointers. She'd also get the truth out of you while doing it. Such is her pedigree.

And I would be nice to your Wife. Why? Because it would be the least I could do with someone married to a barbaric, aberrant, deviant, mendacious, stupid monster like you.

I fn hate nazis. I hate closet nazis more. In 38 people like you were turning people away who were seeking asylum.

And I'll bet you would have been all for Munich - Give Hitler what he wants, just keep the Commies out and protect my investments. I've never heard you one time utter a complaint about the payments made to US companies that operated in Germany to compensate them for loss of plant.

Never once. Why?

A fascist, peddler of flesh, racist, coward fraud who thinks he's better than others and hides his complicity under innuendo and snobbery.