Tuesday, October 8, 2019

World News Briefs -- October 8, 2019 (Evening Edition)

Reuters: Ahead of offensive, Turkey says it strikes Syria-Iraq border

ANKARA/ISTANBUL (Reuters) - Turkey’s military struck the Syrian-Iraqi border to prevent Kurdish forces using the route to reinforce northeast Syria, as Ankara prepared to attack following a surprise U.S. troop pullback, Turkish officials told Reuters on Tuesday.

Turkey says it is ready to advance into northeast Syria now that the United States has begun withdrawing troops from the Turkey-Syria frontier in an abrupt policy shift by U.S. President Donald Trump widely criticized in Washington as a betrayal of America’s allies, the Kurds.

As Turkish troops finalize plans, the government’s scheme to move millions of refugees into conquered territory in northeast Syria is alarming some Western allies as much as the military operation itself.

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Turkey confirms strikes on Syrian border ahead of offensive: report.

Turkey says it won’t bow to US threat over its Syria plans.

Trump says US has not 'abandoned the Kurds' in Syria. Trump defends decision to abandon Kurdish allies in Syria. Trump shifts tone on Turkey in effort to halt Syria invasion.

Donald Trump reveals he is inviting Turkish strongman Erdogan to the White House next month AND calls Turkey 'good to deal with' in the face of Republican disgust at 'betrayal' of Syrian Kurds with U.S. troop pull-out.

Protests resume in Iraq's Sadr City as uprising enters second week.

Iraq protests: Government under pressure despite lull.

Iraq's parliament meets after protests spark political crisis.

Iran foreign minister says ready to talk with Saudis if they stop 'killing people'.

UAE pulls some forces from Yemen's Aden as deal nears to end standoff: witnesses.


Hong Kong’s leader warns China’s military could step in if ‘situation becomes so bad’. Carrie Lam: China intervention in Hong Kong can't be ruled out.

Hong Kong’s undercover medics reveal hidden toll of protests.

China state newspaper criticizes Apple for app use by Hong Kong protesters.

Cambodia’s PM Hun Sen orders military to ‘attack’ exile opposition leaders on sight.

Abducted Indian engineers freed in trade for 11 Taliban commanders.

Pakistan's Imran Khan in China to talk Kashmir, economic ties.

Europeans urge strict sanctions enforcement on North Korea.

Survey: South Koreans grow wary of unification with North.

New Zealand divided over history on 250th anniversary of Captain Cook's arrival.


DR Congo fighting: Thousands flee ethnic violence.

Malawi policeman stoned to death by protesters.

Egypt PM says will not allow protests to spread 'chaos'.

Mozambique says army killed 9 jihadists in restive north.

Murder of election observer in Mozambique causes outcry.

EU observers regrets Tunisia 'silent campaign' ahead of vote.

Zuma's son says not corrupt, but victim of S.African political 'storm'.


Reports: Merkel tells Johnson Brexit talks close to breaking down.

Boris Johnson's office says Brexit deal 'essentially impossible', blames Angela Merkel.

IMF boss Kristalina Georgieva warns of 'painful' Brexit.

EU concerned at new migrant wave from Turkish operation in Syria.

EU fails to cement agreement on migrants rescued at sea.

Portugal president asks Antonio Costa to form government.

Azerbaijan PM resigns, president replaces him with loyalist.

Italian lawmakers back overhaul to reduce their seats.


White House tells Pelosi, committee chairs it won't cooperate with impeachment inquiry. White House throws down gauntlet to Nancy Pelosi and says Donald Trump will not cooperate with her 'illegitimate' impeachment inquiry because it is 'seeking to overturn 2016 election'.

Trump fires back on impeachment.

US Senators demand briefing on Trump's decision to withdraw from Syria.

US economy likely to keep growing: Fed's Powell.

US detained nearly one million migrants in 12 months.

Ecuador’s government flees as thousands of protesters converge in capital. Ecuador president Moreno leaves Quito amid growing unrest. Ecuador protesters storm parliament as unrest worsens.

Seven Latam nations suggest Maduro behind unrest in Ecuador, back Moreno.

Ex-Colombian President Uribe to testify in fraud case.

Canadian PM Justin Trudeau is slammed as 'a phony and a fraud' over his blackface photos as his conservative rival lays into him during live debate.


Al Qaeda affiliate claims deadly attack on Malian army.

Ex-US commander warns Trump's Syria retreat 'threatens to undo' ISIS gains.

U.S., Afghan forces kill al-Qaida south Asia leader Asim Umar.

Uncertainty over jailed ISIL suspects' fate in Syria before looming push.


Indexes tumble as visa restrictions fuel U.S.-China worries.

Chinese e-commerce platforms block Houston Rockets’ merchandise after backlash over GM’s tweet supporting Hong Kong protests.

New U.S.-China trade talks threatened by escalating tensions.

Hong Kong drops £32bn bid for London Stock Exchange.


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Liberals are just whacked. They are not intelligent, not wise or any other such description.

Northern California Could Have Power Turned Off Due to Fire Risk

Liberals are going to take 800,000 people in Northern California back to Civil War technology or before. That is almost a million people.

How do you charge you cell phone, pump gas, refrigerate your food, or call 911?

Liberals are totally fucking over civilization like the jackwagons they are. The same jackwagons making this possible will protest fossil fuels while everything they touch in their public encampments is made out of plastics, a petroleum product.

If liberals ever gain 90% control or better (And they are close), this may be the only realistic option.

Anonymous said...

John Brennan needs to be imprisoned.

Former CIA Station Chief: Attempted Coup Against President Trump Looks Like CIA Operation Led by John Brennan (VIDEO)

SORRY DEMOCRATS, IT’S OVER!… John Solomon DROPS BOMB: Info Omitted from Whistleblower Report – Ukraine was Re-Opening Probe into Hunter Biden’s Company in February

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Anonymous said...

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Learns to Love War: Blasts Trump’s Syria Withdrawal

How liberals hate war unless the is a Democrat president or a Republican tries to get us out of one.


The Democrats have done nothing on the home front to set the conditions for staying in Syria, but the hypocritical wretches are complaining that Trump is pulling out.

Democrats were nto too keen on getting into Iraq. Obama was shamed and I do mean shamed into helping the Kurds. The siege of Kombane went on for a long, long time before polls forced Obama to turned the tide at Kobane with the merest fraction of American air power (about 2%).

Still Obama slacked leafletting oil trucks instead of bombing them outright. He refused to bomb micro-refineries because he was more afraid of environmental damage than the damage done by ISIS to humanity. What a greedy person!

Obama really did not bomb ISIS very hard until Putin began stealing the show. Again Obama's hand was forced.

The Democrats never built much of a case at all and only acted when forced.

Shame on them.

Bob Huntley said...

Your hatred for Americans is showing.

Anonymous said...

Many liberals are not Americans except on paper. Like you they live for the Internationale.

You should know better.