Wednesday, November 20, 2019

China's Brutal Crackdown On Its Uighur Minority Is Chilliing

A map showing the suspected locations of camps and prisons China is using to lock up members of the Uighur ethnic minority in Xinjiang, or East Turkestan. East Turkistan National Awakening Movement

Business Insider: China tells Uighur Muslims they are abducting their families so they can cleanse their brains like they have a disease, leaked documents show

* The Uighurs are a mostly-Muslim ethnic minority concentrated in western China. The Communist Party sees them as terrorists and has detained at least 1 million of them in recent years.

* Leaked internal documents published by The New York Times show the extent of Chinese efforts to suppress the Uighurs and deflect criticism.

* A seven-page manual instructed officials to tell Uighur students returning home that their relatives had been imprisoned "because they have come under a degree of harmful influence in religious extremism and violent terrorist thoughts."

* The officials were instructed to liken the relatives' conditions to cancer or other diseases.

* In a Monday press conference, China did not deny the authenticity of the documents but accused The Times of trying to smear its counterterrorism tactics.

China's Communist Party has a special manual instructing officials on how to deal with Uighur university students who get back to find that their families have been imprisoned as part of the mass repression of the Uighur people.

It includes help for dealing with questions about how and why their families were taken away, according to leaked internal documents published by The New York Times on Saturday.

The Uighurs are a mostly-Muslim ethnic minority largely based in Xinjiang, in western China. Many Uighurs call the region East Turkestan.

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WNU Editor: All is not well in China .... The Middle Kingdom frays on its borderlands (Hindustan Times)


Anonymous said...

China has a better claim to Turkestan than Russia has to Kaliningrad.

Anonymous said...

This is interesting. Can China really stop the disease of Jihadist Islam? Maybe the world should watch more closely and withhold judgement for the time being.

Fusion said...

Doesn’t matter what the Chinese do to these people, nobody will do anything besides tweet about it. Especially Governments.

Anonymous said...

But they are very sternly worded and punctuated tweets.