Friday, November 29, 2019

London Bridge Terror Attack -- News Updates November 29, 2019

Daily Mail: London Bridge terrorist's fake suicide vest revealed: Hero police shoot dead knifeman wearing dummy explosives as passers-by wrestle him to ground after he stabs five people at scene of 2017 attack

 * Video filmed on London Bridge shows at least four people struggling with a man on the ground
 * Armed police officers then drag the man away and fire a shot before officers back away from him
 * Frightened bystanders look on and begin screaming and running for their lives as shots are fired
 * It comes two and a half years after 2017 terrorist attack on London Bridge which saw eight killed

Armed police shot dead a knifeman wearing a fake suicide vest on London Bridge today after he stabbed up to five people in a shocking terrorist attack as frightened crowds fled the scene.

Up to five people were stabbed before the knife maniac ran onto London Bridge shortly before 2pm, where dramatic video showed he was tackled to the ground by at least six heroic members of the public.

Seconds later police told people on top of the suspect to move away, before dragging the last bystander to safety and opening fire. Officers were heard shouting 'stop moving' twice before shooting the man at close range.

One of the brave heroes was on the other side of the bridge, before tackling the man and wrestling the knife off him. The suspect lay on the ground still moving as officers backed away - clearly fearing they were still in danger.

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London Bridge Terror Attack -- News Updates November 29, 2019

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