Thursday, November 7, 2019

Military And Intelligence News Briefs -- November 7, 2019

US News and World Report: North Korea Threatens to Upend Nuclear Talks Due to U.S. ‘Reckless Military Frenzy’

North Korea threatened Wednesday to walk away from upcoming talks with the U.S. if it doesn't further curtail planned military exercises with South Korea in December.

In a statement published through its state news service, Kwon Jong Gun with North Korea's Foreign Ministry said upcoming air force exercises between the allies amounts "to a declaration of confrontation with the DPRK," using the country's preferred acronym for itself.

The ambassador described the Pentagon's intentions to proceed with already pared down exercises as "reckless military frenzy" that is "extremely provocative and dangerous." Continuing with the exercises will "compel us to reconsider the crucial measures we have already taken."

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Military And Intelligence News Briefs -- November 7, 2019

North Korean hackers suspected in India space agency cyberattack -- UPI

Destroyers return to Norfolk from deployment, aircraft carrier Lincoln remains at sea -- Navy Times

Airmen, F-35s return to Hill Air Force Base from Mideast deployment -- Air Force Times/AP

Oops, I Did it Again: US F-16 Jet Accidentally Drops Dummy Bomb in Japan -- Sputnik

The Air Force’s ‘Doomsday Plane’ Is in the Shop -- Defense One

Too Old for This Stuff? Most US 'Doomsday Planes' Are in Shop Due to 'Age-Related Problems' -- Sputnik

Delayed Spending Bill Could Hurt F-15EX, Major Fighter Jet Upgrades --

Dead at 1968 Feet: Meet the Newest Sniper Rifle for the Army -- National Interest

Google Wants More Work from the Defense Department -- Defense One

Elon Musk speaks at Air Force 'Pitch Day' as military seeks to deepen ties to commercial space -- CNN

Army Recruiters Still Using TikTok Amid National Security Probe --

GOP senator: House Democrats using Space Force as leverage in border wall fight -- The Hill

5 Marines receive Purple Hearts after an October Taliban rocket attack in Afghanistan -- Marine Times

Lone living Medal of Honor recipient from Iraq wants more recognition for the heroes of that fight -- Military Times

Top military appeals court to review Bergdahl case for interference by Trump and McCain -- Military Times

Esper: ‘Robust’ conversation with Trump about proposed pardons for SEAL, two soldiers -- Military Times

President Trump Could Intervene in Military War Zone Crime Cases. But Should He? --

Trump to attend New York City’s massive Veterans Day parade -- Military Times

Deeper Partnership With Israel Can Help U.S. Solve Defense Dilemma. -- Bradley Bowman & Andrew Gabel, RCD

Macron: NATO experiencing 'brain death' -- The Hill

German military forces must take a lead role in the world’s security, defense minister says -- CNBC

Germany commits to NATO spending goal by 2031 for first time -- Reuters

General Dynamics is missing $1.5 billion due to a Canadian-Saudi spat -- Defense News

UK Drones Much More Likely to Be Used to Kill Individuals Than Conventional Bombers, NGO Claims -- Sputnik

Russian, Egyptian troops hold air defense drills near Cairo -- TASS

Russia, India to maintain defense cooperation despite US pressure — minister -- TASS

China’s amphibious force emerges. -- Asia Times

Are banned Chinese cameras watching the US military? -- Joe Gould, Defense News

Japan launches second Soryu-class submarine equipped with lithium-ion batteries -- Janes 360

Activists in Japan lose lawsuit against self-defense legislation -- UPI

UAE launches ‘Edge’ conglomerate to address its ‘antiquated military industry’ -- Defense News

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