Thursday, November 7, 2019

Taiwan Foreign Minister: China May Attack If Their Economy Slows Down

Foreign Affairs Minister Joseph Wu said that people in Taiwan do not want the same situation that is happening in Hong Kong under the so-called 'one country, two systems' model [Fabian Hamacher/Reuters]

Reuters: Taiwan warns of possible attack if China's slowdown 'becomes serious'

TAIPEI (Reuters) - Beijing could resort to military conflict with self-ruled Taiwan to divert domestic pressure if a slowdown in the world’s second largest economy amid trade war threatens the legitimacy of the Chinese Communist Party, the island’s foreign minister has said.

As Taiwan’s presidential elections approach in January, China has stepped up a campaign to “reunify” with what it considers a wayward province, wooing away the island’s few diplomatic allies and flying regular bomber patrols around it.

In an interview with Reuters, Taiwan’s Foreign Minister Joseph Wu drew attention to China’s slowing economy amid its bitter trade war with the United States.

“If the internal stability is a very serious issue, or economic slowdown has become a very serious issue for the top leaders to deal with, that is the occasion that we need to be very careful,” Wu said on Wednesday.

“We need to prepare ourselves for the worst situation to come...military conflict.”

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Update: Taiwan warns of possible attack if China's economy slows down (Al Jazeera)

WNU Editor: Chinese leaders and top Chinese military officials have been saying for years that they have a right to invade Taiwan. The Taiwanese foreign minister is expressing his opinion on what he feels will be the conditions and reasons that China will use to do so.


Crusader said...

Mr WNU's, it has always been my belief that when times are tough China would invade. Reminds me of the Falklands in 1982.

Mike Feldhake said...

Would be an embarrassment to the Chinese as the US and its allies would support Taiwan. Not really worried, more saber rattling by the Chinese.

Anonymous said... one will support Taiwan. America barely supports the eastern European flank. Barely supports its middle east partners. Taiwan better wake up and make its case in front of the world because no one will fight for a country you barely known anyone of. We all know Japanese, Germans ,some people even have French friends (can you imagine!?)..but Taiwanese? barely anyone from the US could point to where it is, nor know anyone there and it could verrrrry easily use up trillions and potentially start WW3
No European partner would defend Taiwan and the distance of the theater would make it cost prohibitive the longer it went on and china would win due to proximity

O don't think Taiwan fully realises its standing in the world and lack of alliances. Buying a few billion in weaponry is nice but will not help beyond lip service against China

Anonymous said...

Let’s Roll more jobs less news about how the world is dying while China is making money lol what money anyhow yes please China 2030 = Zero

jimbrown said...

This falls under more likely civil war scenario i foresee for PRC vs imperialist pursuits.