Thursday, November 14, 2019

U.S. Navy Says It Did Not Cancel Any Operations In The Black Sea Because Of President Trump

The guided missile destroyer USS Donald Cook (DDG 75). Wikipedia

Business Insider: The Navy says it didn't cancel any operations in the Black Sea because Trump complained about them

* The Navy has denied a report that it cancelled an operation in the Black Sea after President Donald Trump complained about it.
* A former State Department Ukraine specialist told lawmakers on Tuesday that the Navy was planning a "freedom-of-navigation operation" in the Black Sea in January but scrapped upon the White House's request.

President Donald Trump once called his former national security adviser at home to cancel an upcoming Navy operation after watching a cable news report, a career diplomat recently told members of Congress, but it doesn't appear to have stopped any planned missions.

Christopher Anderson, a former State Department Ukraine specialist, told lawmakers the Navy was planning a "freedom-of-navigation operation" in the Black Sea in January. The White House later asked the service to cancel the operation after CNN reported on it, he said.

"Eventually, we met with Ambassador [John] Bolton and discussed this, and he made it clear that the President had called him to complain about that news report," his testimony states. "And that may have just been that he was surprised. We don't — I can't speculate as to why. But that operation was canceled."

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WNU Editor: As predicted yesterday. Another fake news/non-story from the main stream media.


Anonymous said...

you seem to pick and choose which are fake stories and which ok...and from sites you post a lot...if site X puts up what you consider fake stuff, why ever post them again?

Anonymous said...


If you were in the Hampton Roads area, you would know why the change was made. As it is you are speculating.

Mike Feldhake said...

I have to agree WNU Editor; I hate to tell you this but part of your JOB is to validate the stories. All this is heresy which is destroying our Nation(s). Please validate these stories so we don't have to - it's your JOB!!

Anonymous said...

House Democrats released Anderson's testimony as part of a new public phase of the ongoing impeachment inquiry. Trump administration officials did not respond to questions about Anderson's account. He declined to comment Tuesday.

While Navy officials didn't address questions about whether the White House asked the service to cancel any missions, Cmdr. Kyle Raines, a spokesman for Naval Forces Europe-Africa, said he's not aware that any were halted after the December 2018 CNN report aired.

Mike Feldhake said...

....I mean imagine if I was a car dealer and made you chase all the data and answers. Then, just to be closer to what the Media is/has been doing give you false information and make you sign on the dotted line.

Anonymous said...

WNU may comment on content, but he provides a service in reporting what has been said, it is not his job to physically filter what is posted.

Anonymous said...

The media's strategy against Trump is to daily publish a story to make Trump look bad knowing the story is false. The lie is gone far and wide before the truth gets out. Old tactic WNU editor knows, the Big Lie, a tactic Hitler and Stalin perfected.
Of course the media sacrifices its good will in the process, but they seem to care less.

Carl said...

WNU editor is right. This is a crap story. Trump is the command-in-chief and as such he has the final say over whether these kinds of operations go ahead or not. The US Navy shouldn't be making its own policy though it sometimes seems as if it thinks it should.

Anonymous said...

How hard would it be to go to Hampton Roads and buy a beer?

Or talk to a yard bird?

Mike Feldhake said...

I am NOT saying the WNU editor is at fault for his comments, but we need the Media to help filter out the crap. Why have all this tech when most of the information is false!?!? Someone care to answer that challenge?

I mean, I'm an engineer; imagine if I made YOU make sure my work was correct? Professionals are in a position to have to provide good information to their clients. This media blitz for click bait sucks!

Bob Huntley said...


If you really think/believe regarding the Editor "part of your (his) JOB is to validate the stories ..." keep in mind that this is his site and accordingly he is, quite likely the boss and the boss posts whatever he deems appropriate for his objective(s) whatever they may be (simple errors notwithstanding).

That he allows someone like (the) Anon to post insult after insult aimed at any legitimate poster he disagrees with, let alone attack such individuals outside of this site when he can, might suggest perhaps a somewhat less than neutral objective.

Anonymous said...

Bob endlessly needles and insults and now acts all hurt. What a poser.

"let alone attack such individuals outside of this site when he can"

Now that is interesting. Unless there is something I do not know about, you are making stuff up out of whole cloth. But hey you are a troll.

Anonymous said...


Did you mean to type "PERJURY?"

"PURGERY" does show up with a wavy, red underline indicating it might be misspelled.

Anonymous said...

you "guys" sounds like a bunch of middle school girlies
grow some balls and try being masculine