Friday, December 6, 2019

Editor's Note

Someone reneged at the last moment to do a presentation to a business group in Toronto. I was asked if I could step in and replace him, and I accepted. The presentation is for Saturday morning, so I am flying out as I type this and I will be back in Montreal tomorrow night. Blogging will return Saturday evening.


Crusader said...

In effect, what you’re saying is that you’re the Mr Wolf of business presentations in that part of Canada? If so, then you might consider getting a bigger diary. Hope the catering is good.

Hans Persson said...

Mr Wolf?

Haruka said...

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Canadian Media Is BANNED From Reporting on an Islamic Terrorist!

22-year-old, Ikar Mao, is facing Jihad Terrorist offenses after returning from Turkey & trying to join ISIS with his wife.

Trudeau gov't placed a BAN on ALL Mao's prior AND current court proceedings & evidence.

Oh Canada! Where art thou?

Anonymous said...

"A court-ordered publication ban is in place blocking the reporting of court proceedings and evidence brought forward.Mao had previous court-imposed restrictions in Canada, but because of the ban media cannot report what they were."

Ikar Mao, 22, of Guelph, Ontario will turn out just like Usman Khan. He will be forgiven and then he will kill Canadians.

Anonymous said...

Telford abuse victim was raped by 500 men from 11 - but cops chose to prosecute her

“Only a coalition of Marxists and Islamists can destroy the United States”

- Carlos the Jackal:

Liberals are doing a bang-up job at destroying the West, one person at a time.

So dedicated.

So demented.

So stupid.

Anonymous said...

Human Excrement Smeared at Vandalised French Church

Missels brûlés, excréments déversés : dégradations et souillures dans une église de Tarbes

"Two men are accused of breaking into a church in the French commune of Tarbes and vandalising the place of worship and soiling books with faeces."

Either liberals or Muslims

A mere 5.6% of France is Muslim and this is what you get.

They vandalize churches when they are not throwing elderly Jewish women form building or shooting Jewish school children in front of school.


Anonymous said...

NAS Pensacola Killer Hosted Jihadi Snuff-Film Party, Praised bin Laden, Yet Pentagon Brass Balk at Calling It Terrorism

War News Updates Editor said...

The food was good. :)
As for Mr. Wolf .... LOL LOL LOL