Friday, December 6, 2019

Nationwide Strike Continues For A Second Day In France

Daily Mail: French workers are told 'you'll have to work a bit longer' by PM as the country prepares for a second day of strike chaos and violent protests over pension reforms

* Train operator SNCF again axed 90 per cent of high-speed TGVs today after Thursday's public sector strikes
* Air France cancelled 30 per cent of domestic flights for Friday with severe disruptions expected on Eurostar
* Some 800,000 protesters marched in several cities on Thursday in the largest nationwide strikes in decades
* Disruption comes days after President Macron appeared to be caught mocking Trump at NATO conference
* Some 90 people arrested in Paris as hooded youths lit fires, looted stores and hurled fireworks at officers

France's Prime Minister Edouard Philippe told workers they might have to 'work a bit longer' under a proposed new pension scheme as the country prepared for a second day of strike chaos over the reforms.

He added that the government is 'very determined' to push ahead with these reforms, despite some 800,000 demonstrators taking part in marches and walkouts with paralysed transport networks across France.

Philippe said the government would work with trade unions to introduce a single points-based pension scheme that would require the French to 'work a bit longer' and replace dozens of more advantageous plans currently enjoyed by public sector workers.

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How could the government possibly pay out working Frenchmen for promised pensions? Don't they understand their civic duty to provide housing and benefits for all the maghrebis, all the other poor africans, and middle easterners? Shame on them. Just work a little longer.