Monday, December 9, 2019

Poll: Nearly Half Of US Armed Services Households View Russia As An Ally

U.S. soldiers wait for a speech by U.S. President Donald Trump as he meets U.S. troops based in Osan Air Base, South Korea, June 30, 2019.

VOA: Pentagon Concerned Russia Cultivating Sympathy Among US Troops

WASHINGTON - Russian efforts to weaken the West through a relentless campaign of information warfare may be starting to pay off, cracking a key bastion of the U.S. line of defense: the military.

While most Americans still see Moscow as a key U.S. adversary, new polling suggests that view is changing, most notably among the households of military members.

The second annual Reagan National Defense Survey, completed in late October, found nearly half of armed services households questioned, 46%, said they viewed Russia as ally.

Overall, the survey found 28% of Americans identified Russia as an ally, up from 19% the previous year.

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Update: Pentagon Alarmed Russia Is Gaining 'Sympathy' Among US Troops (Zero Hedge)

WNU Editor: Russia is a geopolitical competitor to the U.S.. But it is definitely not the enemy that it once was.


Anonymous said...

We are all competitors. It's natural. What's not natural is this artificial division between our people. Most of Russia is Caucasian. Most of Russia is either Christian or agnostic or atheist or Jewish. Very similar to the US. Most Russians are hardworking. They all want what we want. It's just these freaking governments/thugs that pit us against each other.

Bob Huntley said...

Divide and conquer is the name of the game.

Roger Smith said...

I would think our current or recent troops are impacted by their experience with members of the religion of peace. Russian military members have the same experience though further back in time and for the most part in smaller numbers, recent Syria and Libyan experience excluded.
Then the Wagner Group fiasco not so long ago showed a potential adversary isn't so fearsome after all.