Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Turkey Hints That They May Bar The U.S. From Using Key Air Bases Over Sanctions

First parts of a Russian S-400 missile defense system are unloaded from a Russian plane near Ankara, Turkey, July 12, 2019.

Reuters: Turkey says will retaliate against any sanctions ahead of U.S. vote

ANKARA (Reuters) - Turkey said on Wednesday it would retaliate against any U.S. sanctions over its purchase of Russian defense systems, adding that with Britain it had agreed to speed up a joint fighter jet program to meet Turkish defense needs.

U.S. lawmakers will vote - and likely pass - a defense bill later on Wednesday that calls for sanctions against Turkey over Ankara’s decision to procure the S-400 defenses.

Turkey and the United States, NATO allies, have been at odds over the purchase.

Washington says the S-400s pose a threat to its F-35 fighter jets and cannot be integrated into NATO defenses. In response, it has suspended Turkey from the F-35 jet program, where it was a manufacturer and buyer, and threatened sanctions.

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WNU Editor: A U.S. Senate committee has just approved sanctions against Turkey .... U.S. Senate committee approves Turkey sanctions bill (Reuters). More here .... US Senate Foreign Relations Committee Approves Sanctions Against Turkey Over Its Purchase of S-400s (Sputnik).

More News On Turkey Warning The U.s. On The Consequences Of Sanctions

Turkey hints it could bar US from using key air bases -- ABC News/AP
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Turkey says U.S. sanctions will not affect Ankara's use of Russian S-400s -- Reuters


Anonymous said...

The Senate ought to attach the Armenian bill from the House to the sanctions bill. Turkey can't be deterred. Erdogan knows the deals he can get from China and Russia if the US vacates. He knows the deal he gets from NATO to stay. Either way he and Turkey come out just fine. I don't think anyone is puzzled how this plays out so the US ought to begin removing equipment from its bases, obviously the Nukes if for some idiotic reason they are still in country. Then negotiate so as no hostage situation develops given Turkey has a huge number in the US as does the US in Turkey.

Anonymous said...

I hope the Turks follow through. It will force then US out and we can take our equipments and personnel and the Turks will no longer have hostages.

Bob Huntley said...


Anonymous said...

Well obviously they're going to retaliate. I'm not saying Turkey isn't a shitty ally who deserves to be sanctioned because they probably do. But we can't pretend that they have absolutely zero leverage. We can't launch airstrikes on Northern Syria and Iraq from Israeli airbases without massively expanding the costs. I agree that it would be nice to get the nukes out of Incirlik, but from a hegemonic perspective our assets in Turkey are fairly important to the "health of the empire".

adam said...

Well said. Agreed

Anonymous said...

Some empire.

There are no US forces in the Congo or Rwanda and look what happened.

Having a base in Niger and defending the people of Niger against Muslim killers is an empire?

You are drinking stupid juice.

Anonymous said...

I didn't criticize it you retard lol. And yes, it's called Pax Americana because it's an empire of free trade. Google the term. Sorry to have rustled your spines mr. porcupine.