Thursday, December 12, 2019

U.K. Exit Polls -- Massive Conservative Landslide Is Being Predicted

The exit poll put Boris on for a huge majority

The SUN: Election exit poll – Boris Johnson on course for a landslide as polls predict thumping majority of 86 in huge Tory win

BORIS Johnson is on course for an election landslide tonight after the exit polls tipped the Tories to win a whopping 368 seats.

Seconds after the polls closed at 10pm a joint poll put the Conservatives on track for a huge win, with Labour trailing behind on 191.

The expected results mean Britain's political chaos could finally be over, leaving Boris with the numbers to push his Brexit deal through Parliament in weeks.

Meanwhile, Jeremy Corbyn will be facing deafening calls to finally quit as Labour leader after failing to win a second general election in a row - and seeing Labour to its worst defeat since 1983 under Michael Foot.

And it would put Britain on course for the biggest Tory win since 1987 - where they got a 102 seat majority under Margaret Thatcher.

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WNU Editor: As I said my Tuesday. My gut was telling me that the Tories were going to win even more seats than what was being predicted .... Polls Points To A Big Tory Win In UK Election This Thursday (December 10, 2019). The electorate wanted Brexit to happen, and they wanted the infighting to end. Boris Johnson now has a clear mandate to proceed.

Update: The official election results can be monitored from here .... Election results 2019 live (Guardian).


Anonymous said...

Too early to tell as it is only an exit poll but most people are sick of Brexit being dragged out. Just get it over and done with. It’s time to move on.

Unknown said...

I'm normally a Labour voter. In 2010 I voted Conservative as I was sick of Labour governments bombing & invading Muslim countries. I regreted doing so when the Conservatives cut my take home pay & conditions year after year from 2013 onwards. For the 2d time in my life I've voted Conservative in the hope that we can be the free & independent country my forefathers fought for in the German wars of the 20th century. Hopefully we'll now regain full independence & our fishing grounds. Hopefully the facist EU will soon crumble & break up.

Anonymous said...

At the Guardian site Labour is ahead 7 to 2. For some reason Labour areas report earlier. I think Corbyn should pull a Mossadegh and just have the counting stopped at this point and call the election for Labour.

If the Queen steps in and dismisses Corbyn he should just ignore her.

Anonymous said...

^ That comment aged well.

Anonymous said...