Monday, December 9, 2019

U.S. Attorney General Barr And Special Prosecutor Durham Criticize The Justice Department's Inspector General's Report On The FISA Warrant Issued Against Carter Page

CNN: Barr slams FBI as he and Durham contradict watchdog

Attorney General William Barr and the US attorney he picked to lead a probe into the origins of the Russia investigation criticized the FBI on Monday and contradicted some of the key findings of a report by the Justice Department's inspector general.

Barr excoriated the FBI for launching what he called an "intrusive investigation" into a presidential campaign based on the "thinnest of suspicions."

The Justice Department's inspector general found that the FBI properly opened its investigation into Russian election interference but said there were major errors in how the agency conducted the probe.

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Anonymous said...

Running cover for the BOSS! AG Barr acts like Trump lawyer not America’s. Political stooge. Just like he lied about the Mueller report.

Anonymous said...

Well Anon 9:37 perhaps you could grow a brain or be honest.

"The reporter filed a report that said that Lindsey Graham and John McCain and Maria Yovanovitch were up to their eyeballs in a conspiracy with Ukraine that involved sending American aid money back to Americans to benefit them personally, and that one of the reasons that there hasn’t been this full-court press to help defend Trump and Ukraine is because it isn’t just Biden that’s gotten involved in some shady dealings there. It’s a whole lot of people, Republicans and Democrats alike."

Mike Feldhake said...

Isn't interesting that the IG gave both parties lines; his conclusion allows the Dems a line to defend themselves with their looney Press. The details always matter and I look forward in reading the full report.

Bob Huntley said...