Monday, December 9, 2019

U.S. Department Of Justice Inspector Releases His Report On The FBI's Russia Probe

Reuters: No political bias but FBI made mistakes in probe of Trump 2016 campaign: watchdog

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The U.S. Justice Department’s internal watchdog said it found numerous errors but no evidence of political bias by the FBI when it opened an investigation into contacts between Donald Trump’s presidential campaign and Russia in 2016.

The report by Inspector General Michael Horowitz gave ammunition to both Trump’s supporters and his Democratic critics in the debate about the legitimacy of an investigation that clouded the first two years of his presidency.

It will not be the last word on the subject.

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WNU Editor: This is the first raction  .... Federal prosecutor John Durham, who is running a separate criminal investigation on the origins of the Russia probe, said he did not agree with some of the report’s conclusions.

Update: US Attorney General Barr disagrees .... Barr: Horowitz report shows FBI launched Trump campaign investigation on 'thinnest of suspicions' (The Hill).

Update #2: The best analysis/summary that I have read so far .... Watchdog report rips FBI handling of Russia probe (Politico).

Update #3: The FBI director admits there are problems .... Wray: Report on Russia probe found “unacceptable” problems (AP). Is going to implement these steps .... FBI director says he's ordering '40 corrective steps' following IG report (The Hill)

Update #4: What's my take. The report says there was no political bias by the FBI in their Russia-Trump investigation and the original reasons to start it were justified .... and it then goes downhill for the FBI after that. The list of errors, poor judgment, and conduct that this report lists gives the FBI a black-eye that is going to take a long time for the Bureau to overcome. To put it bluntly. This is a damning and unsettling report on FBI conduct, and I can easily see charges and prosecutions coming out from it.There will certainly be changes on how the FBI conducts itself when it comes to FISA warrants.

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Bob Huntley said...

I imagine the FBI has information on just about everybody worth having information about, information that can be used to destroy careers and more.

Blackdog said...

People are not going to be happy or satisfied until they hear what they want to hear. Some are going to go over the same information come to a different conclusion and then say I told you.