Thursday, December 12, 2019

World News Briefs -- December 12, 2019

Daily Mail: 'Biggest queue I've EVER seen': Millions line up to vote in Britain's most crucial election in a generation with turnout boosted by Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn's final call to arms (but naughty Dilyn has voted twice!)

* Polling stations are open from 7am until 10pm, when an exit poll will give the first indication of the results
* Boris Johnson voted in Westminster at around 8am and Jeremy Corbyn in Islington expected at 9.30am
* Results in key seats are expected from 2am tomorrow and the next PM should be known by 6am Friday
* Early results in Labour strongholds in the North East could show early signs of a swing to the Conservatives
* Results will come pouring in from around 3am, with big names including Iain Duncan Smith at risk of losing
* Tory strategists believe key to victory is grabbing Labour heartlands including Workington and Grimsby

Voters were stuck in the biggest queues seen at polling stations for years today as millions took part in Britain's most important election for a generation with their decision expected to make-or-break Brexit.

Thousands snaked around the block outside schools, village halls, churches, pubs and other community buildings in the wet and cold to exercise their democratic right at the UK's 50,000 polling stations from 7am.

Experts have said the crowds suggest that the turnout for the first December general election since 1923 could be the highest since Clement Atlee and Sir Winston Churchill fought to be PM in the 1950s.

Turnouts have been dropping in the UK since Tony Blair's landslide victory in 1997.

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Rockets land near Baghdad airport, Iran-backed militias approaching a red line US official says.

US slaps sanctions on Iran’s biggest airline and shipping group.

Russia denies intensifying attacks on civilians in Idlib.

Lebanon PM asks World Bank, IMF help with economic rescue plan.

Iraq mob lynches youth accused of attacking protesters.

Israel to hold third election in a year after parties fail to agree on government.

UN envoy: 'We are always no more than two, three days away from war in Gaza'.


Aung San Suu Kyi criticised in court over 'silence' on Myanmar rape claims.

Rohingya refugees reject Aung San Suu Kyi's 'lies on genocide'.

China to focus on economic ‘contingency plans’ to battle growing pressures in 2020.

Indian government sends troops to Assam after violent protests against citizenship bill (VIDEO). Indian protesters set fire to train stations over new law opening citizenship to some migrants.

High level North Korean defector tells Donald Trump that Kim Jong-un is duping him and will never denuclearize - as US warns dictator not to go ahead with threat of 'Christmas Gift' missile test.

U.S. envoy to U.N. raises concern of North Korea ICBM test.

New Zealand volcano victims' bodies could be recovered from White Island on Friday, authorities say. New Zealand volcano: Police to attempt recovery of bodies Friday.


Algeria election: Thousands march to protest in Algiers.

Mali set sights on political talks in bid to defuse jihadist crisis.

France postpones G5 Sahel meeting after deadly Niger attack.

War-scarred Libya airport reopens after three-month closure.

'Catastrophic' floods could provoke famine in S.Sudan: WFP.

US curbs S.Sudan visas over government delay.

Ethiopia's Abiy calls for meeting with Eritrean leader.

Nigeria eases visa rules for African passport holders.


UK voters choose a new government to resolve Brexit impasse.

Russia expels two German diplomats.

EU leaders to consider climate neutrality pledge.

'We have work to do': World's youngest leader debuts at EU summit.

Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline faces sanctions under US defense bill.

Merkel meets new SPD leaders amid coalition tensions.

Court tells Facebook to reactivate Italian neo-fascist party's account.


Trump impeachment: House prepares for crucial vote amid whistleblower row. Trump impeachment: US House judiciary panel to vote.

Pelosi says leadership won't pressure moderates to back impeachment.

McConnell will move to acquit Trump if he's impeached, not merely dismiss charges, 2 Republican senators say.

Joe Biden: Democratic presidential frontrunner denies one-term pledge.

US Senate committee passes bipartisan bill to stop Trump withdrawing from Nato.

Shooting in New Jersey kosher grocery labelled a hate crime as police probe links to Black Israelites.

Andrew Scheer: Canadian Conservative leader resigns.

Morales arrives in Argentina to seek asylum.

Chile finds wreckage, human remains believed to be from missing airplane.


Al-Shabaab attacks Somali army base in Hilweyne, killing 5.

Sahel's anti-jihadist plan shaken by huge attack in Niger.

Islamist terrorism suspects arrested in raids across Denmark.


Trump says US and China 'very close' to trade deal.

Southwest, Boeing agree on compensation over 737 MAX.

Saudi Aramco briefly hits crown prince's $2 trillion target.

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