Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Military And Intelligence News Briefs -- March 4, 2020

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RT: European Defence Agency CANCELS all meetings as two EU officials test positive for Coronavirus in Brussels – reports

Two European Union officials working at the bloc’s Brussels administrative headquarters have tested positive for the novel coronavirus, a spokesperson has confirmed.

"We have confirmation of the case," spokesperson Dana Spinant said after the first case was revealed on Wednesday. Spinant added that reports about a male official working at the European Defence Agency contracting the virus were true, and that he had recently returned from a trip to Italy.

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Military And Intelligence News Briefs -- March 4, 2020

TWO EU officials working in Brussels test positive for coronavirus including one who had returned from Italy -- Daily Mail

New US Army recruits will be screened for coronavirus upon arrival at basic training -- Business Insider

US Navy imposes 14-day quarantine between port calls for ships in Europe amid coronavirus worries -- Business Insider

The US Army is working overtime to develop a coronavirus vaccine -- Task & Purpose

Pentagon calls NYT article on Esper and coronavirus response 'dangerous and inaccurate' -- The Hill

Coronavirus fears cause halt at Japan, Italy F-35 facilities -- Defense News

Nearly All the F-35 Jet Engines Ordered Last Year Arrived Late -- Bloomberg

Pentagon: UTX's Supply Chain Woes Continue to Slow F-35 Program -- Motley Fool

Lockheed Martin delivers 500th F-35 -- UPI

A fix for the KC-46 is already a year late -- Defense News

Boeing resurrects effort to turn JDAM bomb into cheap cruise missile -- Flight Global

The White House gave this nuclear agency a giant funding increase. Can it spend it all? -- Aaron Mehta, Defense News  

U.S. Navy Nightmare: All Russian Warships Armed With Hypersonic Missiles -- National Interest

How one ship keeps operations going at a secretive US Navy base in the middle of the Indian Ocean -- Business Insider

High training US casualties in 2019 stemmed from large-scale combat focus -- Army Times

Here Are the 16 Jobs that Will Be Available to Troops in US Space Force --

U.S. State Department approves possible $2.4 billion sale of 8 KC-46 jets to Israel: Pentagon -- Reuters

US State Dept approves sale of KC-46 air refuelers to Israel -- France 24

International partners want in on Pentagon’s cybersecurity standards -- Fifth Domain

Push to base six US Navy destroyers in Spain could be gaining steam -- Defense News

NATO Recognizes Space as an “Operational Domain”: One Small Step Toward a Rules-Based International Order in Outer Space -- Just Security

Secret Submarine Capability Shown In NATO Photo -- Forbes

NATO’s Mediterranean Maritime Group Mission More Than Tracking Russian Subs -- USNI News

Russia's Power Struggle Over the Syrian War Has Prompted Turkey to Seek U.S. Assistance -- National Interest

Putin Is Pushing: NATO Jets Are Scrambling to Intercept Russian Patrol Planes -- National Interest

Recognising India and Pakistan as Nuclear States Would Hurt Non-Proliferation Treaty - Moscow -- Sputnik

China demands US response over CIA hacking claims -- BBC

CIA has been hacking China for 11 YEARS, says Chinese cybersecurity firm citing Vault 7 leak -- RT

Chinese Arms Company Develops Versatile Combat Robot Vehicle -- Sputnik

Qatar cancels major defense trade conference as coronavirus fears spread -- Defense News

House Republicans sound the alarm on Taliban deal -- The Hill

Top allies press Trump to keep some U.S. forces in Afghanistan -- Politico


Anonymous said...

So wait let me get this straight

1. Virus stems from China and images of military and police arresting and quarantining people go around the world
2. Europe and US lose trillions (!) In a few days thanks to this scare
3. Economic playing field is now leveled again. China was trillions behind thanks to their tanking economy prior (!!) to the virus. Their industries were already deserted then. Now the China that was in the spotlight of bankruptcy suddenly is just one of many economies that are showing down due to a global panic

The virus killed fewer people than a peanut allergy kills in the US alone.

The virus killed fewer people than the common flu which kills MILLIONS every year.

Millions killed by the flu, no one bats an eye.

3,000 killed by a boring virus but hyped by Chinese and aided by own media and suddenly we lose trillions?

Oh and a part of these trillions goes to stock brokers who bet on chaos.

Capitalism and humans in 2020.

Anonymous said...

Oh and a part of these trillions goes to stock brokers who bet on chaos.

Capitalism and humans in 2020.

You do not have to sell your stock idiot.

Anonymous said...

dude.. humans, ok?

1. Start panick
2. Profit from panick

Of course you don't have to sell, but cause enough (unfair, mind you) panick and humans will do anything, even against their own interests. You know what I meant. It is not legal what is happening. This is the white collar version of looting, just that we call it legal.

Anonymous said...

KABUL, Afghanistan — The Taliban have resumed attacks against Afghan forces soon after signing a deal to end their war with the U.S. military, raising concerns that the Americans are leaving their Afghan allies vulnerable to an insurgency unwilling to let go of violence as its main leverage.

The Taliban have carried out at least 76 attacks across 24 Afghan provinces since Saturday, when they finalized an agreement for a troop withdrawal by the United States, a spokesman for Afghanistan’s national security council said. And on Wednesday, the United States conducted its first airstrike against the insurgents after an 11-day lull.

Anonymous said...

" This is the white collar version of looting, just that we call it legal."

Wallstreet is not colluding with the MSM. The MSM is doing this all on their own, because they are are a bunch of brainless, unscrupulous, emo mother fuckers.