Wednesday, April 1, 2020

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Anonymous said...

As foreseeable, first parallels to death tolls between 9/11 (3k) and Covid-19 being drawn

Quite soon, the US will realise that they (the USA) could see > 100,000 deaths.

Then they will put it all together

1. Virus starts in China
2. China witholds crucial information
3. China insists that their people get to travel to USA, CNN says Trump is racist for closing borders to China
4. China sends faulty test kits around the World, worsening the situation
5. USA will see 50 fold more deaths than China, but China insults USA by lying about origins and creating misinformation

This will very soon get out of hand if China does not bend over backwards to make good for this. War will be on the table for sure now. US command moving to Cheyenne mountain. China's and Russia's and Israel's command centers all doing the same. This is not just for the virus.

If China makes one more aggressive move, one more lie, one more virus.. all bets off.

Anonymous said...

"If China makes one more aggressive move, one more lie, one more virus.. all bets off."


Europe does not have the capacity nor the will.

Russia isn't going to do it.

Japan and South Korea are not going to do it.

Nor will India do it.

That leaves the US. Most US politicians are no smarter than participants in a Facebook Feeding Frenzy, which would add weight to your argument. However, their Frenzies are directed to "Orange Man Bad" and election year.

Now given a year with high death tolls, a donkey member in the White House and what you say might be true. By the time the Donkey Party gets a person in the White House we will be on the down side of the pandemic. It would take a year's worth of saber rattling before the Donkey Party screwed up its courage (maybe 3 to 5 years). Against the GOP the Donkey Party could get to full jihad in a few weeks to 6 months, but against a real opponent like China would 5 to 10 times as long.

30,000 to 80,000 for America is not a high death toll for a flu. Those are typical years in the ebb & flow of disease.

Anonymous said...

"In 2020 alone, there have been nearly 43,000 P&I deaths. And we didn’t shut down society, shelter in place, curl up in the fetal position under our kitchen tables ..."

- Steve of Grassfire

Compare 43,000 influenza deaths to 4,059 Corona flu deaths.

A) How many of the people, who 'died' of corona also had influenza? Are people tested for influenza once they test positive for corona. Maybe health professionals know, but the press has declined to report it?

B) Corona supports and undercuts influenza. It supports influenza in making people weaker and therefore more susceptible to influenza. It undercuts influenza by killing sick people and therefore depriving influenza of hosts. It is like lighting a backfire. The main fire cannot go in that direction.

If Corona had not happened, would we have the same # of people die this year? Would we see excess deaths over other years. Influenza deaths follow a sinusoidal pattern.