Tuesday, June 30, 2020

China May Have A New Stealth Fighter

J-20. Via Wikimedia Commons

Forbes: Surprise! China May Have A New Stealth Fighter

China might be developing a new stealth fighter, if an announcement from the Chinese Aeronautical Establishment—a government research organization—is any indication.

For those keeping count, the new plane could be the sixth manned, radar-evading warplane in service or in development in China.

To put that in context, the world’s leading operator of stealth aircraft, the United States, has fielded six different manned stealth aircraft types, five of which remain in service—the F-117, the B-2, the F-22 and the three highly distinctive variants of the F-35.

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WNU Editor: It would not escape me if China has more than one fighter project in development.


Jac said...

Yes, I'm sure that Chine has a lot of project on stealth fighters. Well, that far the J-21 (in service) is as stealth as my shoes....and may be worse. Radar evading is one thing, thermal one is a little bit more difficult. As long as China will not be able to make the very right engine for them this "full" stealth wouldn't be reached.
That said, this very goal is already a little bit obsolete. The F-35 (which has a lot of problem, I know) is not founded "only" on stealth, it is a "system of system", and it is an other step China has to do. Of course spying is a very good help, but copying is one thing, developing new is an other one.

RussInSoCal said...

I hope all Chinese materiel works as well as their escalators.