Sunday, June 28, 2020

Egypt Wants A Lot Of Tanks? 500 Russian T-90MS To Be Exact

Defence-Blog: Egypt reportedly signed contract for 500 T-90MS main battle tanks

The Egyptian Ministry of Defence and Military Production concluded an agreement with Russia’s Uralvagonzavod (UVZ) corporation and arms export agency Rosoboronexport to license-build 500 T-90MS main battle tanks, local media reported on Saturday, citing sources in the defense industry.

According to the sources in the Russian defense industry, Uralvagonzavod (UVZ) corporation will build a facility to assemble T-90MS tanks under license in Egypt.

Complete localization of T-90MS tanks in Egypt is not anticipated, as a large number of parts of T-90MS tanks will be imported from Russia.

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WNU Editor: Civil war in neighbouring Libya. Internal unrest. Battling ISIS and other militant groups in the Sinai. Deteriorating relations with Ethiopia over their Nile dam. I can understand why Egypt wants a lot of battle tanks.


Anonymous said...

Those tanks Tanks are going to be better at fighting ISIS than the current tanks?

They are going to take a tank mine better or VBIED better?

War with Ethiopia? To keep Ethiopia poor?

They delayed filling the reservoir. Does Egypt intend to keep them from filling it forever, even slowly?

How will the T-90s do in rugged territory against can openers?

The Russians did a fair amount of heavy lifting. They certainly did more heavy lifting than Obama early-on in Syria against ISIS. They may have done more overall. So Russia has assets in Syria. Egypt needs a massive infusion of tanks because the Russians are in Syria just for show?

Personally, I want to see Erdogan beat. He is dangerous.

Anonymous said...

Where cometh the money to fund this?

Anonymous said...

Camp David Accord money?

On the plus side the Accord is credited with keeping the Peace for 40 years.

Maybe it is time to rethink it and cut off both Israel and Egypt.

I know if the Democrats come to total power, Israel will be cut off.

Jac said...

Horrible Obama inheritance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Egypt was manufacturing Abrams Tank under US licensed (1130)but was stopped by Muslim Obama because the government cracked down on the Muslim Brotherhood what Obama couldn't accept! Yes! And now Egypt has no other solution than dealing with Russia.
OBAMA is the most traitor of the US history!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Obama loved a religious Muslim state not a secular Muslim state

True Colors.

Layguy said...

War with Ethiopia. We're not talking maneuver warfare here. Tanks on the the highways. Ethiopia will be crushed conventionally.

Anonymous said...

Drones. Tank armor is thinnest on top.

Double stacked tanks mines will flip an M1.

They can stay on the roads all they like.