Friday, June 26, 2020

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Anonymous said...

The Reuters graph is neat, but it is also misleading. They only have cases and deaths.

Criticism #1
The color code is only for cases mot deaths.

If there were a separate color graduation for death the graphic would look very different.

Criticism #2
The graph does not show time periods only cumulatives (cums)s up to June 24. So you cannot see, if things are getting better or worse.

Criticism #3
Hospitalizations are not on the graph.

Criticism #4
Number of people recovered is not on the graph.

These are very valid criticisms All lot of these graphics are plug and play at this point The graphs are empty containers until plugged into a tables derived forma database. It would not be a lot of work for the 'news' organization.

News articles even when they contain a lot of facts but not all facts are meant to shape a public narrative, bludgeon people, who do not share it until they cease & desist, improve their morale, or go away.

Also there is no timeline such as ventilators, PPE, therapeutics or vaccine development. There will be trends over time due to herd immunity/virus burning itself out or to more equipment or different medical procedures.

It is 2020,. These graphs have been around for over a decade maybe two. Will it be the year 2525 before we get more complete graphs?

Anonymous said...

This 1995 Op-Ed Reveals the Anti-White Racism Behind the Founder of NYT's ‘1619 Project'

She is working for the New York Times. She sound like she is a Nation of Islam (NOI) member and NOI is considered extreme.

So we have extremists at the NYT and idiots still read it as gospel.

Decades of racism entrenched in the system and it is not white racism.

Anonymous said...

The left is going to riot in November no matter who wins the presidency.