Friday, July 10, 2020

Another Record Day For Coronavirus Cases In The U.S.

For the second consecutive day, the US has set a record-high number of coronavirus cases with more than 62,000 new infections reported in a single day (above)

Daily Mail: US coronavirus cases hit a record single-day high for the THIRD day in a row with 63,000 cases - as Florida sees most deaths in a day at 120 with ONE-THIRD of those living around South Beach testing positive

* The US set a record-high of more than 63,000 new coronavirus cases on Thursday, breaking the previous single-day record of 62,000 set on Wednesday
* More than 133,000 Americans have died from COVID-19 and 990 of those fatalities were recorded on Thursday, the second-most since the pandemic began
* Florida also reported record-high coronavirus fatalities with 120 deaths, bringing the toll above 4,000, and one-third of those living in Miami-Dade County testing positive
* Deaths, which have been lagging behind surging cases of coronavirus, are now starting to catch up
* Texas set multiple coronavirus records with 9,689 people hospitalized for the virus and 15.6% of test results coming back positive
* Three states, Arizona, Arkansas and California, also reported single-day high for hospitalizations while Florida and Louisiana say their hospitals are nearing capacity

The US has once again set a record-high number of coronavirus cases for the third day in a row, recording more than 63,000 new infections in a single day.

This breaks the previous record set on Wednesday of more than 62,000 and brings the total number of cases to more than 3.1 million.

So far, more than 133,000 Americans have died since the start of the pandemic with 990 deaths recorded on Thursday, the second-highest ever.

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Update: U.S. reports record single-day spike of 63,200 new cases of coronavirus (CNBC)

WNU Editor: Yup. The pandemic is far from over .... Coronavirus trend: The pandemic is far from over (DW).


B.Poster said...

Not surprising, the contact tracers and increased testing are at at work. While we could stop right there, I'm getting information from my contacts in the medical profession that testing is being manipulated to yield false positives.

Essentially policy decisions should not be made based upon either the number of positive tests or the percentage of positive tests. While these make for great fear porn, they're irrelevant as far as serious policy.

Anonymous said...

Media created hysteria amplified, plan and simple.
Simple arithmetic: take the number of Americans, add a few million illegals, and divide into the number of deaths from the "bug". The number you get is a percent. In this case a hundredth of 1%. As in decimal by a single digit.

Anonymous said...

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Andrew Jackson said...

Stalin shot his wife in the face.

Mike Feldhake said...


Mike Feldhake said...

Focus on the red line with respect to the green one. Fantastic!!

Anonymous said...


Either AJ wants blanket saturation of a fact to make a point (and thus move people one way or another) or he is not all there.

That is all I can figure out.