Thursday, July 9, 2020

Another Record Day For Covid-19 Coronavirus Cases In The U.S.

Daily Mail: US sets ANOTHER single-day high of coronavirus cases, with more than 62,000 people testing positive - as California reports record 11,694 infections and Texas sees its most ever deaths at 112

* The US set a record-high 62,000 new coronavirus cases on Wednesday, breaking the previous single-day record of 60,000 set on Tuesday
* More than 132,000 Americans have died from COVID-19 and 820 of those fatalities were recorded on Wednesday
* California and Texas both reported record-high deaths on Wednesday at 149 and 112, respectively
* Health experts say deaths are a lagging indicator and that the nationwide average is not an accurate representation because deaths are down in states such as Illinois and New York
* California also recorded a record-high number of cases at 11,694, which Gov Gavin Newsom says is due to a backlog of previously unreported infections
* Cases are also on the rise in Tulsa, Oklahoma, as well as statewide, which officials say is likely linked to President Donald Trump's rally held on June 20

For the second consecutive day, the US has set a record-high number of coronavirus cases with more than 62,000 new infections reported in a single day.

This breaks the previous record set on Tuesday of 60,021 and brings the total number of cases to 3.05 million.

More than 132,000 Americans have died since the pandemic began sweeping the nation in March, with 820 of those deaths recorded yesterday.

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Update: Worsening U.S. outbreak prompts tough actions as new coronavirus cases hit record (Reuters)

WNU Editor:My brother lives in California. He is more nervous now than what he was 4 months ago when the state first closed down.


Anonymous said...

My favorite youtube travel vlogger "Bald and Bankrupt" just posted a video about surviving his Covid infection in Serbia.

B.Poster said...

Expect more "records" to be set. With the massive investments in both testing and contact tracing this is to be expected. IF this truly is the threat we've been told it is, these investments are invaluable. At a minimum, this neede to be factored in when comparing our situation to that of other countries. Generally it isn't.

Not only this but America is continuing to ramp up investments in both testing and contact tracing meaning these numbers are going to go even higher!!

Anonymous said...

Down here in San Diego we were just plugging along through the pandemic with average daily infection rates bouncing between 75-150 a day, then came the protests, followed by the bars and restaurants opening up, now we are at 500-800 a day.

This thing isn't going away, and as long as there are a few cases floating around you are just a few weeks from major restrictions again. New York, Europe, it doesn't matter, if you still have 500 cases a day it will just come back again as soon as you let your guard down. I still think Sweden has figured out the best long term approach that protects the population, and the country as a whole. You either figure out how to smartly live with this thing or it will destroy your country and your way of life.

Anonymous said...

Your brother is foolish. Your brother would do well to fear Sawant and her ilk more than corona.

There are not a whole lot of flights to Moscow or anywhere nowadays. If Sawant and her ilk succeed in Seattle they are going to spread down I-5.

Of course there are other idiots closer to home in San Francisco, LA, San Jose or Sacramento.

People like Sawant, Tlaib and Ilhan are feeling very brave and are feeling their oats lately.

But keep up with the

"OMG, that is that? Another asymptomatic case!"

B.Poster said...

"....,figure out how to smartly love with this thing...." well said.

"OMG, what is that? Another asymptomatic case! The vaunted contact tracers are hard at work.