Friday, July 3, 2020

China Appoints Hard-Line Security Chief For Hong Kong

Zheng Yanxiong, the new head of Beijing’s national security office in Hong Kong. Photo: Handout

BBC: Zheng Yanxiong: China appoints hard-line Hong Kong security chief

China has appointed a hard-line figure as head of its new security agency in Hong Kong.

Zheng Yanxiong is best known for his role in dealing with a protest over a land dispute in the southern Chinese village of Wukan.

The new agency, answering directly to Beijing, is being set up to enforce a draconian security law passed this week in Hong Kong.

Opponents of the law say it erodes the territory's freedoms.

The law targets secession, subversion and terrorism with punishments of up to life in prison.

Several leading pro-democracy activists have stepped down from their roles and one of them, one-time student leader and local legislator Nathan Law, has fled the territory.

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WNU Editor: I see Zheng Yanxiong's appointment as a clear sign that China is going to crack down.

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Anonymous said...

Perfect timing to put your boot on the throat of Hong Kong. Everyone is distracted by the Wuhan virus. Oh sorry sorry we're not supposed to call it that way. Sorry sorry I won't ask any questions about the virus and China's role in it either. CNN told me not to. I'll obey.

Anonymous said...

China doesn't care about the West's reaction anymore. They feel they are indispensable to key Western nations so they can't impose a serious sanction system on China. Germany, Italy, Central Europeans all have growing and deep ties to China. What China is attempting to do is split the West with as few as possible aligning with US sanctions. Germany is the key and based upon the words out of Berlin, she is eager to step away from the US led Western alliance.

Anonymous said...

Merkel has been a person of easy virtue, since her college days, when she sidled up to the STASI.

B.Poster said...

Since this is the geo political reality now, the question becomes how does America adapt to it? If we properly adapt, perhaps we can even thrive. If China can crack down on the rioters/looters there, then we should be able to crack down on the rioters/looters here. I recall when the first rioting/looting started in Hong Kong, certain businesses such as HSBC Bank to name one locked down their facilities. We could stop right there. This is pretty clear indication that these aren't real freedom fighters.

kidd said...

in the eyes of God you have no rights to kill man

kidd said...

so go to hell china government

Anonymous said...

Peace and stability return to HK as the Time reports the US was directly funding the protest/riots.

Anonymous said...

Ты, блядь, русский мудак! США НЕ Россия или Китай. Дерьмо, которое вы говорите, для тоталитарной нации, и вам, конечно, это нравится. Это, тем не менее, выдает, кто и что вы: чертов русский тролль

Anonymous said...

My advice is this:

Understand what has begun happening in Europe for the past decades. Remember: America freed us from the Nazis (I'm of European heritage). Gave us Marshall plan, helped rebuild, protected us from Russia.

But what happened then? How did Germans and even French and Brits forget about all the good you did?

It happens the same way as in the US:

Through media and education

The media in Europe is almost synchronised word for word what CNN/NYTimes and all these other outlets mentioned here do to you. They do the same to us. Told us Trump is a racist. Ignored all the scandals on our left. Vilified the right.

Same in education. Our education standards are weakened. I don't know why, it feels purposeful. Less math. More gender studies and race division bullshit.

Some outside actor or actors are heavily - with lots of money- changing our culture. Bit by bit.

It used to be just a bit, in the 60s-90s it was mostly left leaning Russian influenced institutions, think tanks and professors that were financed by and influence peddling for Russia and demonising America.

But this is different. For the last 6 maybe 10 years so much more money is coming from China and being pumped into our universities. MASSES of Chinese students flood our universities. No discussion on how they got in. Often bad English and bad grades but we're told they are A+students in China. No way they compete fairly to get in.

And have you seen graduations art oxford and cambridge lately? All streets packed with asians. Mostly Chinese. Filled. You barely see white people in your own country. What is going on?

We know about the Chinese spies at Harvard. Good you found them. But in Europe they are completely out matching our spies as if they have compromised our heads of states. No one wants to do business with China or Russia but our leaders make huge deals with them. Why? With whose authority? The EU is being changed from outside and it's guaranteed to be China's meddling.

My advice before it's too late:

1. Stop all Chinese VISA programs. All of them.
2. Recognize we're at war. Sure it ain't kinetic but it's cultural, economic, information warfare. War by other means they call it in China
3. Investigate the money trail between media, politics and China. Turn the money pipe off to media and politics and you'll see a change over night. The heads of institutions sell us out. They think this is normal corruption. It is not. Our values are at risk
4. Go on massive and ruthless counter offensive. Expand partnerships.

This is a battle for the future of the world. On one side you have China. 1.5bn people who have zero discussion and zero acknowledgement about anything they do.

Concentration camps? Oh shut up
Wuhan virus? Just wear a mask stop complaining
Human rights abuse? Shut up or else
IP and copyright theft and currency manipulation? Oh we are poor country, don't complain. Territorial bullying? It's ours. Old ancient map proves it. Now KOWTOW!

Wake up.

They are like Nazis. just way more and better armed. You either die as slave or try to stay free. Your choice.

Anonymous said...

I didn't know Bob Newhart was Chinese!

Anonymous said...

I'll take not trusting anyone who tells me to look at China while ignoring the trillions in big Fed gimmies - the Chinese don't control the Fed, Congress, Senate, White House, Treasury.

The right does.This includes righties in drag like PelosiCo.

Hence why the right keeps pointing the finger at China - or anyone - other than themselves.

"Don't know why" education was cut my ass btw.

Anonymous said...

China did it.