Friday, August 14, 2020

Is America On The Verge Of 'Bread' Riots?

Fair Park in Dallas held its fourth food drive since the pandemic was declared in March and the event on Tuesday and North Texas Food Bank fed 1,710 families

Ryan Cooper, The Week: Are bread riots coming to America?

Over the last week, just under 1 million people filed for ordinary unemployment benefits, plus another half-million under the special pandemic unemployment program for people who don't ordinarily qualify, a substantial decline from some of the numbers seen since the beginning of the pandemic. At this rate, by mid-September or so, new unemployment claims will be merely as bad as they were during the worst of the Great Recession.

Those unemployment benefits, however, because this country has systematically stripped and sabotaged its safety net, are extremely meager and often nearly impossible to actually get. Hundreds of thousands of private citizens who have lost their jobs are flocking to Reddit for help and advice, as state unemployment bureaucracies are so janky and swamped they often can't deal with the flood of applications.

In the past week, the r/unemployment subreddit has taken a dark turn with the expiration of the CARES Act's super-unemployment and the failure of Republicans to even come to an agreement about what they want in the next round of pandemic relief. It's become a de facto support group for people whose lives are collapsing around them for simple lack of income or jobs, and talk of suicide is common.

One wonders: Is America about to see bread protests, or even riots?

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WNU Editor: Will starving Americans riot? I doubt it. But there is no question that a lot of people are suffering .... THOUSANDS of cars form mile-long line at Dallas food bank as families drive across Texas for box of noodles, spaghetti sauce, peanut butter, rice, and trail mix as unemployment cripples state (Daily Mail).


Anonymous said...

The Democrat Party will never be forgiven nor their descendant parties.

Anonymous said...

Dont worry. It is only for your safety.

B.Poster said...

The unemployment that supposedly "cripples" the state is entirely self inflicted due entirely to the ridiculous reactions to COVID-19.

Will starving Amerucans riot? Rioting has worked extremely well for ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter. Someone else could follow that example. Of course starving peasants aren't generally locked upon favorably. So, if starving Americans do riot, I wouldn't be surprised if this government goes Teianmin Square on them. If Trump isn't in office, I wouldn't imagine there would be anyone who would try and check such a reaction. If necessary, the Insurrection Act will be invoked and the National Guard will be called in. No way will starving peasants be allowed to riot!!

PNow many Americans are understandably angry. Many are suffering. Justice is needed. When meteing out this justice, we should remember it was the tax cuts and regulatory reforms implemented by Trump that enabled us to achieve the greatest economy we've ever had. It was the ridiculous reaction to COVID-19 as directed by the likes of Fauci and Birx fully supported and egged on by leading democrats. Essentially where abd when Americans are now starving the blame is squarely upon these people.

Anonymous said...

Actually year over year deaths are down despite this "NOVEL" virus. SUICIDES and murders are up. Traffic deaths probably are lower.

Black deaths will be up, because Democrats care so very, very much. They will Von Munchausen Black people until they can't breathe.

There is nothing novel about this virus. All viruses probably go round robin over a period of years within their reservoirs. So nature has 'seen' this virus millions of times before going back 100 to 300 million years. Human populations probably have seen this virus before although they might have given it different names in the last 100,000 years.

Anonymous said...

Governors and cities enacted lockdowns and thus economic downturn not the president.

B.Poster said...

Essentially the tax cuts and regulatory reforms implemented by Trump enabled uscto achieve the greatest economy we've ever had. It was the ridiculous reaction to COVID-19 as directed and implemented by the likes of Fauci and Birx while being egged on by leading democrats that took this all away and caused the current suffering. This needs to remembered and understood.

Anonymous said...

If Biden wins I'm sure he'll invite the Chinese Communists to take over the federal government but the army and The Wolverines will resist them. I do think this will cause the blacks to turn on Biden and start having more babies out of wedlock.

I'm sure this will make a great miniseries in Canada in the year 2035.

Anonymous said...

4:34 the trolls are out in force.

Anonymous said...

trolls are out in force, yes you are here 4:37.

Anonymous said...

I Have Initiated the Destruction of the Republic” - Kevin Clinesmith FBI Attorney

Anonymous said...

yes you are 7:26

Anonymous said...

3:50 you just couldn't resist could you?

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