Friday, August 7, 2020

President Trump Issues Orders Banning TikTok And WeChat From Operating In 45 Days

Daily Mail: Donald Trump raises tensions with Beijing by issuing executive orders to BAN TikTok and WeChat in 45 days - amid warning Apple and Microsoft could be outlawed in retaliation as world markets fall

* Trump on Thursday signed an executive order giving a 45-day deadline for deal
* After that time, transactions with TikTok parent ByteDance will be forbidden
* Order also effectively bans TikTok in the US unless a sale is completed
* Microsoft is said to be considering acquiring TikTok's global operations
* Separate executive order bans Chinese-owned messaging app WeChat
* Trump's orders are the latest escalation in growing US-China tensions on tech
* Fears mount of 'Silicon Curtain' descending between the two countries
* Experts say Beijing could bar Apple or Microsoft from China as retribution

President Donald Trump has issued executive orders effectively banning Chinese video sharing app TikTok and messaging service WeChat in a dramatic escalation of tensions with Beijing that sent stocks tumbling worldwide overnight.

Using national emergency powers, Trump on Thursday night signed the orders, which give TikTok parent ByteDance 45 days to sell the app, and bar WeChat from the U.S. after the same time period.

The orders also banned any U.S. transactions with WeChat owner Tencent, a major Chinese company that owns significant shares in Tesla, Snap Inc, and Reddit. Tencent shares fell as much as 10 percent in Asian markets overnight, and it was not immediately clear whether the company would be forced to divest its U.S. holdings.

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WNU Editor: It looks like the US has just realized that China is waging cyber warfare against them. TikTok has responded .... TikTok threatens legal action against Trump’s executive order, saying it sets a ‘dangerous precedent’ (CNBC).

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Anonymous said...

Definitely nothing to do with this:

Certainly not!

Anonymous said...

"U.S. Military Branches Block Access to TikTok App Amid Pentagon Warning"

- New York Slime JANUARY 4, 2020

"The Department of Defense advised military personnel to remove the Chinese-owned social media application from government-issued and personal smartphones."

10:40 I appreciate your stupidity and trollishness, but this ban has been long in coming.

Now take a long walk off on a short pier.

Hans Persson said...

Haha I would love to see them banning MS and Apple. What are they going to do? Go back to pergaments?

Whatever happens I'm sitting here with my popcorn watching :D

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Anonymous said...

11.38 is clearly mad. Poor baby.

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Point was to smack the idiot down and out them on notice. Since they are safely hidden behind a keyboard, they won't take notice.

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Does this mean we can finally bomb Iran?