Friday, August 14, 2020

Russian President Putin Sees The U.S. & Iran Headed Toward War

Zero Hedge: Putin Sees US & Iran Headed Toward War - Proposes Urgent World Summit To Stop It

Russia thinks war between the US and Iran is on the horizon, and is proposing steps to stop it:

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Friday proposed a video summit with the United States, Britain, France, China, Germany and Iran in a bid to avoid “confrontation and escalation” at the United Nations, where Washington is trying to extend an arms embargo on Tehran, reports Reuters.

But it's hard to know what could be done at this point. Not only did the Trump administration void the 2015 nuclear deal (JCPOA), but long-standing hawks like Pompeo have sought to ramp up sanctions at every turn.

The situation has been stalemated, with Tehran demanding easing of sanctions or erasure altogether as a condition for fresh talks, but with the White House alternately saying Iran has to first abandon all development related to nuclear power (which the US says is actually for nuclear weapons) and its ballistic missile program.

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WNU Editor: Collapse of oil markets. Sanctions. Even having your own oil tankers seize by the U.S. .... In Recent Days U.S. Has Seized Four Oil Tankers Loaded With Iranian Fuel In Violation Of Sanctions (August 13, 2020). The economic and political situation in Iran is not stable, and the U.S. is exploiting it to the full. So is Russian President Putin correct when he says that the U.S. and Iran are headed for war? Maybe in the future. But definitely not now. And definitely not before the US Presidential election where such an action by Iran would guarantee a Trump re-election.


B.Poster said...

If four tankers were seized, then at least 40 got through. That is unless we suddenly assume US (un)intelligence suddenly became intelligent. While possible, this doesn't seem likely. As such, even if we assume such reports are accurate I don't think it'd be any real concern.

As for sanctions, they're not likely to have much effect. As an enemy of America, there's plenty of people who'll support you and want to do business with you as long as you have something valuable to offer and oil is VERY valuable. They will work tirelessly to get around sanctions and collectively they can bring resources to bear that America can't hope to match. Also, Iran has Russia and China backing them. All America has is the "west" as "allies "

Perhaps Iran erred when they seized the tankers of their British and French friends dampening their desire to support Iran. Nevertheless I don't envision them backing America in any material way and I envision doing all they can to prevent the Iranian government being removed should the US seriously pursue such a policy.

I don't seriously think Putin would push for a conference to stop such a war as it would benefit him. Furthermore such a war would all but assure Trump's defeat meaning no disrespect to the editor so Putin would want this war.

While the US may well "win" such a war, the casualties will be enormous and will FAR exceed those that COVID-19 will ever inflict on America, it would all but ensure Trump's defeat. As his arch nemesis, Putin would likeky want this war.

He may be up to something. If he can "stop" the war, he and the American media present it as though they stopped the "madman" Trump from starting a war. Basically they foment the conflict and take credit for ending it!!

Putin may be positioning himself for a classic "win/win." Essentially he and Russia win whether Iran and America go to war or not!!

Anonymous said...

"If four tankers were seized, then at least 40 got through." Pulled that out of your nether regions. But trolls got to troll

2020 Iran gasoline export to Venezuela

B.Poster said...

"But trolls got to troll." Admittedly I have been a bit harsh on the US (Un)intelligence community. I have very personal direct and indirect experience with this combination of incompetent boobs and political hacks. They should not be trusted as either primary or secondary sources. This would be perhaps the only trolling I've done here. Since US (un)intelligence has a massively poor record, see 911 failure, Iraq war 2003, and Afghanistan and I could easily go on pointing this out doesn't seem like trolling to me.

Thank you for the link. So Iran can send five tankers to Venezuela that Wikipedia knows about. Unless they have talents US (un)intelligence lacks many times more got through that they don't know about.

Whoever ends up in control of Venezuelan oil will be in an amazing position. The smart money would seem to be on either Russia or China. Essentially sanctions against Venezuela don't seem to be helping us as they shut us out of negotiations and such positions hasten the end of the US dollar as world reserve currency.

fazman said...

Exactly, no others got through, impossible to hide.
Huge casualties... Wtf, operation Mantra all over again but 10 x worse for Iran.

Anonymous said...

B Imposter has to troll/

Anonymous said...

Poster: you tell us you are an accountant. Now you tell us you have direct contact with intel. tip: intel would not tell you a thing no matter if you took a dip in a swimming poll with them. You have been harsh for reasons we pretty much have figured out

Anonymous said...

B Imposter, da troll of trolls.

Anonymous said...

Fuck Poster and his vodka drinking Putin

B.Poster said...

In terms of direct experience I knew people who paid the ultimate price because of the incompetence of the US Intelligence community. In terms of indirect experience I know people who have known people who paid the ultimate price because of their incompetence.

In accusing me of "trolling" are you taking the position that a war with Iran somehow benefits Trump. It is my considered opinion that it would not benefit Trump and I state why I hold that position. Differing views?? I'm all eyes.

I am Accountant. To date you haven't made the effort to actually find out.

Anonymous said...

Which one of us have not made the effort?

Anonymous said...

sudden entry into a war always benfits the current president and you are a russian troll

Anonymous said...

Почтальон: вы шлюха сосете член Путина и извергаете ложь и извращения, и все здесь знают вас за то, что вы есть, и за член, который вы сосете

B.Poster said...

Anon (2:17),

To the best I can tell, no one has made the attempt. I'm quite easy to find.

Anon (2:49),

What you ssy may have been true historically, however, due in large part to our experiences in Iraq and Afghanistan it is my considered observation that Americans position on this has shifted. Sudden entry into a war especially during an election year will be viewed by the voters as a blatant attempt to manipulate them and will ensure the defeat of the POTUS. Furthermore the voters will punish POTUS's political party. Understanding it would not surprise me if adversaries of America and Trump such as Russia, China, and Iran try to draw us into a sudden war.

As for the "troll" accusation, I've tried to stay on topic and I don't think I've insulted you in any way. I'm not Russian which you would know had you made the effort to contact me. If you wish, I can provide you with my contact information again. Let me know.:-)

Anonymous said...

Still troll time

B.Poster said...

"Troll time??" Agreed you are still trolling. You're not discussing the topic at hand and you're slandering others which meets the definition of trolling.

"Sudden entry into a war always benefits the current president...." I'm not sure if you are the anonymous who typed this. Frankly, as an American, I find this statement condescending and offensive. It suggests that we blindly follow leaders and do not take the time and effort to evaluate things carefully. Due to our experiences in Itaq and Afghanistan we fo not view war as we once did. Amerucans will assume they are being manipulated and it would all but ensure the defeat of POTUS in my considered opinion. I suppose the only way to "know" with 100% certainty would be to actually have a war in this situation.

Anonymous said...

B Imposter still trolling like the Energizer bunny.

B.Poster said...

Anon (10:36),

I actually like discussing the posts and the editor comments but this is becoming tiresome. If you have something to add other than insulting me, please do so I am all eyes.

As I stated, in times past the assertion that a sudden war benefits POTUS may well have been correct. After our experiences in Iraq, Afghanistan, and seeing our young people being killed and maimed in a number of fruitless military operations that not only don't advance our interests but actually undermine them the way we as Americans approach war has been forever altered. The instinctive view of Americans will be to view a sudden war as an attempt to manipulate them and they will punish any POTUS who does this. This will be especially so during an election year.

Perhaps this could be overcome by a media campaign to convince us that this isn't the case. Perhaps the CIA could come forward with "sources and nethods" explaining to us why this is necessary.

Frankly I don't see any of this happening so my analysis stands. War with Iran would all but ensure POTUS's defeat in the upcoming election.

Perhaps you truly believe we are going to blindly follow the leader. In this case you have insulted all of us and in my considered opinion this makes you a troll.

Anonymous said...

poooor baby seems not to understand the wag the tail meme and doth protest too much

B.Poster said...

"Wag the Dog" 1997 film that addresses this situation. While allot of us haven't actually watched the movie, pretty much everyone understands the basic idea and knows what it's about. A sudden war especially during an election war will be held against POTUS and his/her political party and will all but ensure their defeat. Knowing this I wouldn't be surprised if America's enemies would use this time to try and draw us into a war. I agree some "doth protest much." When arguments are weak, loud protests and slander is all they have.

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