Friday, September 18, 2020

Commentaries, Analysis, And Editorials -- September 18, 2020

Emma Court, Bloomberg: U.S. Stands on Verge of Dark New Milestone: 200,000 Virus Deaths

(Bloomberg) -- The U.S. will top 200,000 deaths from the novel coronavirus in coming days, a devastating milestone that comes eight months after the pathogen was first confirmed on American soil.

The U.S., with 4% of the world’s population, accounts for about 21% of global coronavirus deaths. The disparity underscores America’s failure to contain a virus that blazed through populous states like Texas, Florida and California this summer despite predictions that warmer weather could bring a respite.

With a population of 330 million, the U.S. reached 100,000 Covid-19 deaths on May 27, four months after the first recorded case. It has taken another four months to reach 197,633 as of Thursday evening, according to Johns Hopkins University. That’s a number roughly equal to the population of Yonkers, New York, or Huntsville, Alabama. Brazil ranks second in deaths, with almost 135,000 in a nation of 210 million.

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Commentaries, Analysis, And Editorials -- September 18, 2020

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Bill said...

Of course, who knows how many really died of just the COVID-19. There re many, many reliable sources that report the skewing of the numbers to make them appear much greater than reality. it's all politics, dirty nasty politics.

Anonymous said...

Alan Dershowitze's article (linked to above) is a stinky piece of sh*t. According to Dershowitz, the violence we've witnessed the past several months is the product of extemism coming from "both sides." Also, "in many of our cities [the violence] and has also received a degree of legitimacy from people on both sides."

Huh? The violence has been almost exclusively LEFT WING, tolerated, if not abetted, by the LEFT STREAM MEDIA at both the national and local level. The only "violence" that "right wing" citizens might somehow be accused of is defending their lives, businesses, and property against LEFT WING rioters bent on destroying just about anything and everything

Dershowitz has proved himself a somewhat objective voice recently, but this article shows how difficult it can be for partisans to simply admit the obvious truth when it's clearly called for.

Anonymous said...

The violence is exclusively coming from the left. It's almost miraculous how well behaved the right has been. And they should be lauded for just that. Shame on Dershowitz. I think he's a bit more thinking about alliances he needs on the left for potential upcoming legal battles about his own appearances or connections to Epstein and his island. He is shady and also been wrong on forced vaccinations, a case that famously was settled and he claimed the state has the right to just inject everyone, when the case clearly stated that this argument was settled(in the 19th century several people suffered from vaccination and sued the government and won the case to not be forced to vaccinate).. just a really weird guy who seems to be interested more in money and selling books than actually upholding truth and a legal framework that is not dependent on his personal interpretation but meaningful, universally acceptable standards, not which party alliances he needs to weather yet another storm/ scandal