Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Disagreements Dominated Yesterday's EU-China Virtual Summit

CNBC: Trade, human rights and climate: Disagreements dominate EU-China summit

* The EU and China have often clashed over human rights issues, trade and economic policy.
* The coronavirus pandemic, which emerged in China in late 2019, has complicated the two regions’ delicate relationship even further.

LONDON — EU and Chinese officials are meeting on Monday, but it will not be the grand ceremony they had hoped for.

Both sides had planned to meet in Leipzig, Germany this month as they looked to sign an investment agreement before the end of 2020. However, with a global pandemic and little progress in their negotiations to date, the grand summit has been scaled down to a video call.

“Trust is very thin,” Yu Jie, senior research fellow at Chatam House, told CNBC.

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WNU Editor: This EU - China summit did not end well for China. China expected greater access to European markets, but instead got a lecture on human rights, demands for greater access to Chinese markets, and criticisms on climate change. China's actions that helped spread the Covid-19 pandemic also soured this summit. In a nutshell, this was the EU's message to Chinese President Xi .... 'We won't be played', EU tells China's Xi (Reuters).

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Amp1776 said...

Ironic cheap Trump knock-offs...

Anonymous said...

EU leaders understand that their voters will not tolerate this China business as usual anymore

Every company still doing business with China will regret it

That includes Amazon, Nike, Apple, ComCast, Google, AT&T and all the other bastards companies that sold out our rights and arguably human dignity for short term profits ALL WHILE ignoring the concentration camps in China, the forced sterilisation programs their war mongering, their theft in the trillions, the Wuhan virus

Fck all these companies. In the next 1-2 years when people understand just what China did and this whole house of cards collapses, people will not look fondly on politicians and businesses with any connection to China

Good for the EU representatives

Now, if they want to be leaders, they will go on the offence and not just be administrators and bureaucrats

Fck China and anyone doing business with them

Unknown said...

So go and sit on it suckers

Anonymous said...

China can go do business with Ira+North Korea+Russia(the 3 countries combined GDP is smaller than just Germany alone)

USA and the rest of the World can and want to decouple from China and the rest of these mass murders. The World would be a better place too.

No more Chinese flu season. We would save millions over the years

No more theft or instant war, saving us trillions and trillions

And we don't have to listen to these BA lies any longer.. for decades they've been telling us the future is China or you'll have to listen Chinese. Interesting fact. FEWER people than ever learn Chinese. This fad dropped off already in 2015. It's over, dear China. Even the Wuhan virus failed. How about you pay us the trillions you owe?

I personally want interest payments on all of this shit there've done. From theft to mass murder. The bill is coming and any company still doing business with China will regret it

Anonymous said...

Doesn't matter what the WU says or does.

Joe Biden is going to keep playing footsie with China to enrich la familia.