Friday, September 18, 2020

Military And Intelligence News Briefs -- September 18, 2020

USS Gerald R. Ford. US Navy

Peter Suciu, National Interest: U.S. Navy Aircraft Carrier USS Gerald R. Ford: Ready for Action?

The ship has been plagued with ongoing technical problems ranging from the Advanced Weapons Elevators to its toilet system.

It was just eleven months ago that warnings were issued that the USS Gerald R. Ford (CVN-78) may not be ready to deploy until 2024, six years after the planned 2018 first deployment. The timeline slipped due largely to developmental delays in the new technologies that were included aboard the first-in-class nuclear-powered aircraft carrier.

Other delays came about due to the Department of Defense’s (DoD’s) decision to undergo full-ship shock drills before its first deployment, USNI News reported last October.

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Military And Intelligence News Briefs -- September 18, 2020

U.S. Admiral Talks 3rd Chinese Aircraft Carrier: ‘Go Ahead and Build that Big Ship’ -- USNI News

'Go ahead and build' another Chinese aircraft carrier, U.S. admiral says -- UPI

Mark Esper outlines plan for 355-ship Navy, calls for more focus on China -- UPI

Top admiral: 'No condition' where US should conduct nuclear test 'at this time' -- The Hill

US Air Force may soon be able to update flight software in real time -- UPI

Air Force General Defends Plans for Mixed F-35, F-15 Fleet -- Defense One

Futuristic V-280 Not Advanced Enough to Replace the Osprey: AFSOC Commander --

Head of Missile Defense Agency sexually harassed staffers for 7 years, Pentagon watchdog finds -- UPI

US Defence Companies Lining Up to Replace MQ-9 Reaper Drone -- Sputnik

General Atomics nets $7.4B MQ-9 Reaper contract with U.S. Air Force -- UPI

Cyber Attack Most Likely Space Threat: Maj. Gen. Whiting -- Breaking Defense

Is Earth-moon space the US military's new high ground? -- Leonard David, Live Science

Army backs off idea to submit its own bid in Bradley replacement competition -- Defense News

Military Confirms It Sought Information on Using 'Heat Ray' Against D.C. Protesters -- NPR

2nd US airman this week dies in non-combat incident in Kuwait -- UPI

Trump administration set to approve large arms sale with Taiwan -- The Hill

US hopes to name Qatar as major non-NATO ally: Official -- Al Jazeera

NATO Chiefs of Defence enhance military plans, capabilities and resources -- NATO

NATO's latest tool to counter Russia, the Atlantic Command starts operations -- Stars and Stripes

NATO concludes defense chiefs' conference with praise for military plans -- UPI

German, French defense ministers push for Eurodrone progress -- Defense News

UK Sends Fighter Jets Chasing After Russian Bear Bombers in the North Sea -- Sputnik

Russian military says US flights near Crimea fuel tensions -- Washington Post

China Buzzes Taiwan With Unusually Large Show Of Force Involving 18 Aircraft -- Zero Hedge

Showdown: China's J-31 Stealth Fighter vs. America's F-35 -- National Interest

US Navy build-up plans ‘may cement China’s resolve to modernise’ -- SCMP

U.S., Ugandan military leaders mark end of peacekeeping partnership -- UPI


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