Saturday, September 19, 2020

Pictures Of The Day

Supporters, some not wearing masks, gather for an indoor rally with President Trump in Henderson, Nevada, September 13. REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst

Joe Biden speaks about safety in a socially-distanced room of reporters in Pittsburgh, August 31. REUTERS/Alan Freed

WNU Editor: The above pictures came from this photo-gallery .... Crowds vs social distancing: The contrasting campaigns of Trump and Biden (Reuters).


Anonymous said...

What needs to happen ASAP once this election is over:

Investigate the election meddling stemming from our own media. It's not ok anymore, it's beyond what I'd accept even IF they'd all go to prison. Something has to give and I oppose the idea that the media's gets to pick our life who we vote for, and who it's a racist, ESPECIALLY if the biggest racists and race baiters, Lemon,Jones&Jackson are all frequent guests and some even paid employees in that exact media, poisoning our children's minds, dividing the nation

And all the disgraced politicians, from Maxine Waters, who called for the formation of mobs and the harassment of political opposed, to Hillary Clinton, who called for an end to civility until they're back in power, must go and be made as irrelevant to society as they deserve so well

Mike Feldhake said...

The ‘give’ is this blog and your right to post. No more does the media have a dominant position to shape the narrative. Unfortunately, this also means we need to listen (read) a lot of stupid commentary, dumb half ass theories and counter narratives. 😁

Anonymous said...

True, Mike. But remember, Google has put this blog and any other news outlet they don't seem fit on a blacklist.
I once was blacklisted for 2 years, no once knew why, I didn't do anything, and then after years suddenly I was findable again. The lack of oversight to what Google does and how disproportionately disadvantage Republicans is outrageous and a real threat to democracy. I fear if they get more powerful we get overrun by an army of fred- like zombies who don't question anything and just repost the latest "facts" and just drown us out

Anonymous said...

Nice posts you three. My head is nodding YES as I type.

Anonymous said...

What a contrast in turnout. What a pathetic comparison.